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Pixiv has added a new series function. For a more convenient reading experience experience I've added most of my submissions to different series. Read more
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Patreon now accepts PayPal

PayPal is now a possibility for adult Patreon pages again. So anyone who doesn't have a creditcard but did want to support Veil of the Lotus on Patreon (and get images early, vote in polls, join the hidden development board, get a scene in the game by request, or get the game before anyone else) can now do so at The Matriarchy Patreon.

I also set Patreon to up-front payments due to high amount of people subscribing but cancelling their pledge before the end of the first month.
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Something new. Sorry for being inactive, I'll return soon.
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I said I'd update the commission prices to be closer to Patreon prices quite some time ago, and now I finally did. This means the prices have gone up by quite a bit compared to the prices I asked when I first started taking commissions, but the time I spend on commissions and the limited free time I have no longer compares to the prices I asked. already requested commissions are still under the old price list of course, and if I neglected a request from you from a long time ago you can also re-request it using the old prices.

It's also worth mentioning I still have a big backlog and some requests may take months, or in the case of written stories even years to complete. I do not ask for payment in advance but also do not want to be reminded about your commission. Please only contact me to ask how far I am if you have a different, faster commissioner you'd like to ask to do the commission instead since I'm taking too long so I can scrap the project if I'm not too far along.

Written story: $3 for 5.000 characters
Single drawn image: $7,50 for two characters + $2,50 for every additional character
Written story with occasional simple image: $9 for 10.000 characters and at least one (very) simple image
Black-and-white comic: $10 per page (Cover (color) and backpage (black and white) free for a comic of at least 5 pages)
Color comic: $15 per page (Cover (color) and backpage (black and white) free for a comic of at least 5 pages)
Black-and-white CG sequence: $20 for 5 pages
Color CG sequence: $25 for 5 pages

For 25% extra you can upload the work I made for you wherever you want before I upload it to my Pixiv.
For 50% of the price of a commission you can support the making of one of my own projects, making it a priority to finish.

You can now also commission me to make a premium work. This means you'll pay me to create a bigger project (no 3DCG, no stories without pictures), but the work will be put up on DLsite for the price we agreed to when it's finished and only the commissioner will get it for free. In return all profit will go to the commissioner until I've paid the original fee back, after which the commissioner will get 25% of all profit. Keep in mind that things like this will generally not sell well and I will not force anyone to take the premium work down when uploaded somewhere for free.

All prices are in USD.

I accept commisions for:
- Any kind of femdom, both woman on man and woman on woman. Yes, 'any kind' includes NTR/cuckolding, but only with a clear femdom theme.
- Female transformations into anything but furry.
- Scat

If you don't want to pay or don't have the money, you can still send me your request. If I really like it, I might use it in one of my own projects in some way, so especially small ideas I can use in that way. If I really really like the idea, I might just do a project around it.

Send me an E-mail at for any commissions and requests and we'll discuss the details. All 'profits' will go to buying me new hardware so I can make new works at a faster pace, or improve my next game's quality.
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The Girl who Remembered my Drink

The 31 story chapters and 23 images to go along with them of my toilet slavery femdom story is now finally complete and uploaded on Pixiv:
The Girl who Remembered my Drink cover
I never thought I would come even close to the new 300.000 character limit for stories on Pixiv, but it has almost 250.000 characters. I may or may not write some short side story chapters in the future.
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