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My Queen's throne

The comic is finished and can be found at the above link. It's a short comic at 10 pages (12 including the frontpage and last page), but it was my first one and I learned a lot playing around with the paneling and black-and-white and am planning to make a long-running comic series in the future.

If you have a hard time reading the text/SFX, you can use one of the icons in the top right to enlarge the pages.

I was in a bit of a rush to finish this tonight, as from now on I will likely be very busy. I will be away from tomorrow until Sunday evening, so it's unlikely I'll be able to answer any mail/comments during that period.

With this the 'Mistress Degree' project is officially brought to an end.
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Proofread my comic please

I would like someone to check the size of the comic pages for me if possible. I can easily read the text and with some effort read the sound effects, but I don't know if everyone can with the different screen settings etc out there. So if a few people could send me a mail (You can use the sidebar or send an E-mail directly to, I will send back the first 5 pages (basically the first scene) of the Freya comic at it's current size and if according to you it's not readable, I'll move up the size a notch (I hope I still have all the original files).
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My Queen's throne WIP

Here's the cover for the Freya sequel comic to Mistress Degree I'm working on right now. I feel like it needs something on the background, but I wouldn't know what.

My Queen's throne cover

The comic will continue from sometime after the end of the Freya route of the game. Freya's story continuing was the result of the votes the beta testers cast for what was their favorite character. It was a tie between her and the character from the secret ending for a while, but in the end Freya ended up being the clear winner with a 2-vote lead.

I actually don't know how long this comic is going to be as I don't have the entire story for it in my head just yet. Except for the cover the comic will be in black-and-white. Working in this format is entirely new to me but I hope having read tons of manga and doujinshi will help me make a decent panel composition or a decent comic in general.

Thanks for all the reactions on the game, I hope people will stick around for my future work.
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Mistress Degree release

Mistress Degree release
Download here
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Before release

I've finished with the real credit scroll and checked about half the game. I will try to release the game in the next few hours. A few things I want to mention before release to keep the release post clean:

- The game is about 3 hours long. Most testers have provided me with the data of how long it took them to play through the game, and these 3 hours were the average of that (well, it was 2 minutes short for a three 3 hour average to be exact). Some of you read fast and will go through it faster, others slower.

- If you think you should be in the credits, are in the credits and want to be taken out, or I mistyped your nickname in the credits, you can contact me and I'll release a new version of the game with a correction.

- The button for hiding text is now the middle mouse button/scrollwheel (press it) or with the 'H' key. I changed this at first, but it changed back by itself and because these are Ren'py's defaults for this option that's the keys shown in the Help file so I decided to keep it this way.

Just a few more testing and some changes left to make!
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