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Maya part 3 poll

Part 2 of the Maya story can finally be found on my Pixiv now (, vote here for the changes Maya will go through in part 3.

Place any comments with 'other' suggestions on this blogpost and +1 an idea someone already suggested if you think it should be included in the next poll.

Update: The polls are open until Sunday.

Update: Polls closed, here's the results:

What minor change will Alexa suggest Maya this time?
Different hairstyle 31% - 19 votes
Piercing(s) 28% - 17 votes
A tan 20% - 12 votes
A tattoo 16% - 10 votes
Contacts 5% - 3 votes
Other (comment) 0% - 0 votes
61 votes total

What major change will Alexa push Maya into?
Breast enlargement 21% - 16 votes
Butt enlargement 29% - 22 votes
Lip sillicone 4% - 3 votes
Feet permanently arched for high heels 37% - 28 votes
Waist reduction 1% - 1 votes
None 7% - 5 votes
Other (comment) 0% - 0 votes
75 votes total
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Finally started working on this

Took me way too long to get started on part 2 of this project, now it appears Maya's artstyle is the thing that has changed more than any of the story's modifications.
Maya part 2 preview
Not sure if it's much better though.
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Maya voting round #1

Due to lack of admin response from the official website, I've decided to upload my drawn expansion story to Pixiv and ask for reader input for every next part through 2 polls: one for smaller modifications, the other for bigger ones. Only the high voted results for each poll will be in the next part of the story, but other high voted and whatever people who select 'Other' fill in will possibly be included in the next poll.

The first part of the story can be read here.

Polls deleted. Results:

Alexa is helping Maya become more confident in the way she dresses and looks. What minor change will she suggest?
Slutty clothes (24 votes, 43%)
Piercing (7 votes, 12%)
Different hairstyle (17 votes, 30%)
Heavy make-up (2 votes, 4%)
Tattoo (6 votes, 11%)
Other (0 votes, 0%)

Alexa is helping Maya become more confident in the way she dresses and looks. What major change will she suggest?
Breast enlargement (13 votes, 24%)
Butt enlargement (15 votes, 28%)
Lip silicone (2 votes, 4%)
Waist reduction (3 votes, 6%)
Anus expanding (18 votes, 33%)
Other: None (3 votes, 6%)

Update: Seems like several options are close or the same in number of votes. The final result will be decided after 7 days of voting, so when the '... votes in ... days' disclaimers reach 8 days (or when I will first see it did so), the winning options of each poll will be decided. If at that moment there's two or more winning options with the same amount of votes, I will add another day until the voting closes until a winner is decided.

Update #2: Sorry, because of a bug that redirected people directly to Pollmaker when visiting this page I had to close voting early.
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New Project

New project? What about the new game? I'll explain.

Right now, I'm neither studying nor working since about a week or two. I'll resume my studies in about 6-7 months, but for now I have nothing but 'free time'. On one hand, this is good news in terms of progress for the new game, on the other, it might not be. For now, I am indeed making quick progress. I have a lot more backgrounds and character states done now than the January Progress Update reflects, and am currently working on the first event scene. But I'm also going to release my second game for free once again, and unfortunately I do need some sort of income. Therefore, I'm looking for temporary jobs or jobs with few hours at the moment. This way, I have the posibility to decline some of the temporary work I'm offered to work on the game. Some income from this dirty 'hobby' of mine would allow me to decline more work, but I want to keep the games free and am not sure about donations.

Hence this side project. I've mailed a little with the owner of a website called The Doll Project ( On this website, you have several stories centered around a girl who will receive 'augmentations' on their body. What will be changed, is decided through polls on the website. When the polls are closed, a story will start collecting 'pills', and when the required amount of pills is reached, the author of the story will make the next pages according to the poll results. To get to the required amount of pills, registered members have to spend their pills on the story. Every member gets 2 free pills per day, but you can buy more pills to spend. Spending pills will also increase your voting power on polls. The money earned from premium pills will go to the author of the story the pills are spend on.

Since body modification is one of my fetishes too (see 3DCG story Sakura), I've decided to draw and write a story on Doll Project as well. Because pills have to be collected first, it won't take too much of my time away from working on the game and it will even be a nice little distraction.

More information to come, but I hope some of you will register on the DollProject and donate to my story (or any other story you like) and with that also donate to The Matriarchy Productions in general.

End of wall of text, I'll post a game screenshot tomorrow to make it up.
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