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Something new for Below

This commission was something new I've been able to do for Below in quite some time, it does however contain scat unlike the comics.

Also I am sorry for the lack of updates on this blog recently, last month was the first month I didn't post a single blog post since I started this blog I think. I'm working on plenty of stuff, just follow my Pixiv page for the short stuff and please have some patience for the longer stuff.
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  2. Below
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Below chapter 2

Woops, forgot to put a link up here yesterday.
Below #2 cover
You can find it here.
  1. 2015/01/12(月) 08:10:42|
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Half a page left

I've got the last comic page of Below #2 halfway done right now. It's still going to take a while, but I've got some energy drinks and food ready to help me make it an all-nighter if I have to, so expect it soon.

If anyone sees this blogpost in the next few hours and is willing to spell-check for me and available to do it quickly in the next few hours, send me an E-mail (
  1. 2015/01/11(日) 17:01:19|
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Does this work?

Chrissy nude
First time I've drawn Chrissy with bare breasts, and I tried giving her nipples/areolas of a lighter tone than her skin. I'm not really sure if it works or not myself, any opinions?
(Picture not final, even if I end up keeping her areolas like this I still have to give her lips and some sweat drops)
  1. 2015/01/02(金) 08:15:33|
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Merry Christmas everyone!

  1. 2014/12/21(日) 18:59:21|
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