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Veil of the Version 1.0: Allie free release

Just a notification to inform everyone who isn't able to pledge on Patreon that version 1.0 of Veil of the Lotus is now available for free. Version 1.1, which contains an extra scene and some other improvements, is still for supporters only.

The download link is in the description on Patreon.
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Monica character sheet

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Natsuki versus Monica

Every next full version of Veil of the Lotus will add one or more new Lotus scenes, but also one complete side route. Both Natsuki's and Monica's routes have been completely written by their respective writers, so I'm going to let Patrons with the polling privilege ($3 and higher) decide which of these routes will be included in version 2.0.

Both routes will eventually be included in the game, this poll is to decide what will be included next. If you're a "Submissive" or higher supporter on Patreon you can vote here.
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Veil of the Lotus version 1.0 release

Version 1.0 release picture

Download Veil of the Lotus version 1.0: Allie
Download the free demo
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100% to-do list and Q&A

The progress for Veil of the Lotus version in the left bar says 100% now. Unfortunately I only include drawing the CG event scenes in this count. Fortunately though, that is by far the most work and I expect version 1 to finally be ready for release within a week, provided my current internet connection issues are solved. So I'm not promising anything, but considering pretty much all art is done things are looking good for a quick release.

I've made a to-do list for myself to keep track of what I have to do, but I'll update it by crossing off stuff that has been done to keep everyone who still reads this blog updated. I may also add stuff to the list as things come up, though.

* Finish writing Lotus route
* Finish writing Hana route
* Write Ms. Taylor bad ending
* Finish adapting Allie's route
* Fix a continuity mistake in the art in Hana scene 3
* Add credits
* Add CG gallery system
* Add Patreon menu item (ended up using the pre-existing About menu)
* Add Allie sprite to menu
* Add bonus Hana images to end of Hana route
* Add music
* Adjust sound levels
* Adjust demo for release to non-Patreon supporters
* Add Patreon suporter to Ms. Taylor character sheet
* Make a release picture
* Make and implement a game icon
* Hide heroine names until revealed in dialogue (Patreon poll result preference)
* Final test/read
* Build distributions
* Edit relevant text on the Patreon page etc.

I'll use this as my final blog before the release and add a final Q&A as well for quick information. Most of these questions I've already talked about before most likely, but I figured having it all in one place in a short question-answer format might be helpful or interesting to some people. I'll add questions and answers to this list I come up with as I am updating this blog post. If you have any questions you'd like to see answered, ask them in the comments, on Discord, or by E-mail (all forms of contact can be found in the left bar of this blog).


When will Veil of the Lotus be released?
July 2017. Fairly likely in just a few days, but I will not cut myself in the hand by making promises I can't keep anymore. Unless something disastrous happens I will be able too keep my promise to release it this month, though.

How much will it cost?
5 USD. You will be able to get access to version 1 by donating at least $5 to our Patreon. Our Patreon runs on monthly donations, but if you do not wish to pay more than the minimum amount you can cancel your support after your initial payment.

I can't or don't want to pay for this, what do I get?
In the coming release, a demo version of the game with only 3 out of the 20 event scenes. I do understand my work is not quite up to par to pay for for a lot of people, but I'm currently unable to afford new hardware and working on a laptop nearing 10 years in age is affecting my pace more and more. Aside from this I want to possibly be able to invest in things like voice acting, musicians, custom sound effects, well-known femdom writers, and even hiring artists to be able to push out better and more femdom content in the future.

Still not satisfied with the price? After this release I'll start working on version 1.1: in that version I will fix any issues (like spelling errors) people have come across, but also add one extra event scene. When it's done, this will be the premium Patreon version and version 1.0 will be released for free.

What will the content in Veil of the Lotus version 1 be?
Hardcore femdom content like my past games Teacher in Training and Mistress Degree. 20 event scenes, which makes it a lot bigger than Teacher in Training but not as big as Mistress Degree (in terms of number of scenes at least, otherwise it may be bigger already). There will be 3 routes and 1 bad ending for 4 heroines, with 2 extra girls as side characters (for now). All routes are complete except for the main Lotus route, which will be updated with each version.

If you don't want to be spoiled at all, skip to the next question. If you don't mind knowing the subject of each route, here they are: the Lotus route is about toilet slavery, but in this version only the start of the story will be included (5 event scenes) and no proper scat will be present yet. The Allie route is about extreme pegging and asshole expansion and has 9 event scenes and 2 endings. The Hana route is a human furniture route with 5 event scenes. The Ms. Taylor bad end will feature ball busting and has a single event scene.

Where does Veil of the Lotus fit in the Teacher in Training/Mistress Degree universe?
It takes place a year or two after the events of Teacher in Training, which takes place about a decade before Mistress Degree. Veil of the Lotus shares it's setting of Celestial Academy with Mistress Degree. There will be several characters with a connection to either of those games.

Who wrote the routes?
I write the Lotus route, and I've written the Hana route and Ms. Taylor bad end within their respective Patreon supporters' wishes. The Allie and biggest route of this version was written by Blkmage.

Who is the "main" heroine of this game?
The main heroine of the game as a whole is Lotus. But the main heroine of every version will be a different girl. Every version will see at least one complete non-Patreon supporter route added, and the heroine of that route will be that version's main heroine. Version 1's complete name is Veil of the Lotus version 1.0: Allie, for example.

Do I read "Bad ending"? Does that mean the other endings are happy endings?
A bad ending in Veil of the Lotus just means an early ending, most if not all endings will be negative for the protagonist/player character. This is a hardcore femdom game, after all. An early "bad ending" will usually finish the game with just one final event scene, unlike a complete route with many scenes. In future versions different choices may lead to the same bad ending.
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