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I have (almost) no experience with making music, and therefore no good way to get fitting background music for this eroge. I'd rather not use royalty free music, but it's still the better solution compared to me fiddling around for weeks with music programs to get sub-par results.

So even though I can't expect anything out of this, I have to ask: is there anyone with experience making music willing to make background music for this project? If there is, the easiest way to personally contact me is through my Pixiv page (see left sidebar), with a personal message. I can't offer anything in terms of compensation but early access to the game, the pre-release.

PS: Having to study for exams makes want to work on this project... I've been making a lot more progress on this than I should. I may actually be able to show some things before this 'break' is over.
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First and last break

I haven't made much progress this week. And since finals are coming up, I'm probably not going to be able to do much until those are over (at the end of next month). That sucks, but it's not all bad: if everything goes right, I will have almost nothing to do for the three months after that. For this reason, I've set the end of august as the latest possible release date, but chances are pretty big that it will be ready for release a lot sooner.

Although I call it a break, I won't stop working on this project: I'm just expecting that I won't be able to get a whole lot done. I can't study for hours straight and need a break from it pretty often though, so when I'm in the mood for it that break can be working on the game.

For now, I'm going to keep up with the weekly blog, but without the changelog. At least until I run out of subjects I can write about that don't require me to have made more progress.

Thanks for understanding.
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To gallery, or not to gallery

Back to the usual blogging schedule at last.

Although I do have some programming knowledge, I don't have enough to program something from scratch without spending a huge amount of time on it. Therefore, I'm working with Novelty for this project. Unfortunately, the software has pretty much been abandoned leaving some pretty major problems in the program unsolved (I may switch to Ren'Py for future projects).

The main problem I've run into is Novelty resetting variables when restarting the game. This means I can't have the player unlock things and keep it unlocked for future play sessions. There is a sloppy way around this, but it's probably going to take quite a lot of time and it would be be far from perfect.

Therefore the following question: should I include a CG Gallery with unlocked CG event scenes even though it won't work too well and will probably delay the release quite a bit, or should I not include this function? There will obviously be a save and load function, so the player could make his/her own gallery/recollection by saving before a CG event scene.

Working on a few things at the same time right now, so there's not much I have actually finished this past week but I did make a start on several things I just need to finish up.

- New character
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Because of increasing problems with my internet connection, I've decided to write this entry a bit early to try to publish it now that I at least have some connection.

Names. I'm not very good at thinking them up, but because of Japan being the location I can just keep using Japanese names. But that still leaves 2 other names to think up.

The first one being the name of the game itself. 'Teacher' is just a development name, I have no intention of actually using it as the real name. I do want it to have something to do with the teacher intern though, and possibly something with the game's femdom theme. Suggestions are more than welcome, if I don't get any I really like I will probably use a pretty retarded name like "At This Rate I'm Never Gonna be a Real Teacher!".

The second name is the circle/'publisher' name. The Necromancer was more of a 'filling in something random' when making my Pixiv then an appropriate circle name. It has nothing to do with the fetishes in my work and might even suggest things I don't use, like necrophilia. If I can't think of anything else and nobody else has a good suggestion I will probably just use The Necromancer, but as I'd have to keep using it for every future project I'd prefer not to.

Just a single thing worth mentioning in terms of progress this week.

- One new CG event scene
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Let me make it up to you

Sorry about yesterday, horrible April fools joke. Especially since my real art isn't exactly better. But I am going to show some real screenshots now, to make up for yesterday. Yesterdays pieces of art were actually somehow based on this.

Satomi normal scene Satomi CG event scene
I hope you'll forgive the bad... Everything.

The first one is a 'normal' scene, the second one is the first CG event scene of the Satomi route. I don't think these spoil too much.
Partly because it's still my roots, but most importantly because it helps me a lot, part of the art is based on 3DCG mods and poses. Satomi-sensei's hair and dress for example.

Although they may differ in size since I cropped these screenshots quite losely, the full-size versions of these thumbnails (click) are the same size as the actual windowed gamescreen. Pretty small to hide a small part of the bad art, but there is a full-screen option if you really want to.

I'll probably change and improve some of the art in small ways, but big improvements will have to wait until the next project for now.
Edit: Just noticed the awkward placing of the clock in the first screenshot (the white thing sticking out of her hair). I'll have to fix that.
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As promised, here are some screenshots of the 'Satomi' route.

This is the main character of this route. As you can see, she's really beautiful.
Hitomi character

This is her sitting at a table in the library. You can really see it's a library table because of all the details.
Hitomi CG event scene

It's all looking pretty amazing, even if I do say so myself.
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