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Almost done with my finals, meaning my 'break' from spending a lot of time on this project will be over too. So this week I will publish the changelog of what I've been able to get done these past weeks.

One out of two routes is done, which means I'm actually over halfway done as most of the technical stuff like the save/load and other menus have been made, just like some of the non-CG event scene art (All character designs, some backgrounds I can use in the second route too, etc).

I'll be away next weekend, so no blogpost then. After that I will return to my usual schedule and resume the weekly changelogs (although the first one would cover 2 weeks). I might eventually start blogging about some subjects a little less specifically about this project, I'm running out of game related subjects. If there's anything you want to know or see a blogposts about, comment.

See you all in 2 weeks time for the next blogpost, thanks for sticking with me this long.

- 3 new CG event scenes
- Finished Satomi route
- New character
- Changed Ayaka's character design
- Main menu
- Save/Load/Log screen
- Logo + splash screen
- Credits scroll
- Added BGM
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Time to show something again: the main menu and other screens are pretty much done.

Main Menu Savegame Screen

I'm only posting a screenshot of the Savegame menu because I decided to keep this and the other two menus I didn't show as simple as possible: the same black style as the textbox. The buttons for these screens are on the right of the textbox now. From the highest to the lowest: Save, Load, Log. I think it's fairly obvious what the first two do, and the last one is to look back at recent dialogue. This simple black style has one major flaw though: when the background is black too, it's hard to see and use.

As you can see: no CG gallery so far. I haven't completely written it off yet, but for now I'm having a more important issue with the Save- and Load functions I haven't been able to solve: when you load a savegame, it won't load the background. The background won't appear until you've progressed far enough for a new one to appear. If a supported function like this won't properly work, I don't want to know how a function that the development program doesn't support will work.

But besides having to think about a solution to the load-problem, I'm done with the technical stuff for now and going back to finishing the first route.
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It's a little early to be talking about this, but as I don't have any other subjects to talk about left at the moment, I'm going to anyway.

When I think I'm done with the game, there's no doubt going to be enough left to improve or fix. For that reason I'd like to release the first version of the game to anyone interested in commenting on it only. What I mean by this is play the game as soon as possible (to avoid delaying the general release as much as possible), and sending me an as detailed as possible list with issues you ran into while playing. This can be a bug, a grammar/spelling error, something with the art, anything.

I will then proceed to fix the small or important stuff as quickly as possible, add the testers to the credits, and release the game preferably within 2 weeks. There's going to be issues, especially with the grammar (I'm having trouble with writing it in the same tense) and art, that I'm not going to bother fixing for this game if they aren't important enough but still a lot of work. I will however gladly welcome any tips about how to handle it next time, and keep in mind the mistakes people noticed for the next game in general.

If you're interested in getting the game a little early and helping with the final release and future releases, you can contact me on Pixiv.
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Because of the growing number of spam comments I've been forced to change the comment settings and ask for a captcha when posting. If the problem persists, I will also set up comment settings in a way where I have to give permission before a comment is displayed. Sorry for the hassle, I'd have liked the hurdle for being able to comment to stay as low as possible too, but I don't have a lot of choice unless I want to keep deleting comments several times a day.
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I'm a bit busy today, so this is going to be a short post.

I decided to go with The Matriarchy as the 'publishing cirlce', so thanks to the Anon that suggested it.

Now I'm going to work on the menus and after that I'll finish up the first route, meaning 'Teacher in Training' (decided to go with that name too, so thanks storm87) will be over halfway done.
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