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Short term plans

Although it's still troublesome, I found a way to get passed the problem I had with Photoshop. I wasn't able to finish the CG event scene I was working on, but at least I finished the base picture. So only the variations are left. I'm hoping I can pick up the slack and finish this one and another event scene coming week, as I would like to make at least one new CG event scene per week now.

While I wasn't able to use Photoshop and my internet connection was down too I made a short extra 3DCG story for reaching 100 followers on Pixiv. I'm planning to release at least one more 3DCG story before game release, as I've barely used the CBT fetish in them yet.

I would also like to show some more screenshots in not too much time, and I will probably give you some background info on the characters with it.
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Software trouble

Unfortunately Photoshop has broken down on me. I've been troubleshooting for a few days now, but no solution yet. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it this week.

- New CG event scene
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I wouldn't know what to tell you about Teacher in Trainer that hasn't been said before, so this week let's talk about something more general: fetishes in doujinshi and other media.

I'm 'into' a lot of stuff myself, but what interests me the most nowadays is the more hardcore-oriented stories of the fetishes I've liked for a long time. The most recent of my fetishes is probably female on male femdom: I used to only be into yuri femdom, but good hardcore yuri femdom is rare. So at some point I gave female on male femdom another shot. I'm not into the softcore kind at all (Oh no, this hot girl is so mean to make me have sex with her!), but cbt-femdom might be my favorite fetish right now.

Futanari is probably the fetish that has lost my interest the most, although I still like it in femdom. Scat is something I can still enjoy without it necessarily having to be femdom.

There's other stuff like smell and chastity, but let's not waste your time with more random talk. I'm interested in hearing what you like, though.

- New character state
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No progress...

Short update this week.

Sorry, I've been spending way too much time on a single picture of the first CG event scene in the second route to make any significant progress these past 2 weeks. This picture turns out to be quite a lot of work, but even though it'll barely get any screentime at all and I'll only get to use it once, I feel like I can't ignore it by using a black background and a description.

Hopefully I'll be able to get more work done this coming week.
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