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Guess the quick update yesterday wasn't really necessary after all, looks like I have something to post today.

I decided to give you a short info text and some screenshots for each route. You might not wanna read this if you wish not to be spoiled at all.

Teacher route
The teacher path is all about one character: Satomi Nakagawa. She is a teacher in her 30s and teaches a class in an all-girl elementary school. You, the main character, will be helping her with her class for a few months as your internship for a teacher education. She is gorgeous, and also nice... At first, at least.
This route is mainly centered around the femdom, smelling, farting, and scat fetish.
Satomi normal scene Satomi CG event scene
These are not new screenshots...

Class route
This route features more than one character. It starts with Ayaka, a girl from the class you're supposed to help Nakagawa-sensei teach, tricking you, and eventually two more girls, Tamako and Miho, join her in torturing their temporary teacher (you).
This route is mainly centered around the femdom, chastity, and cbt fetish, but includes several other fetishes (pissing, for example).
Class scene Class characters
...But these are!
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Quick update

I'm having trouble with my internet connection again probably will have trouble with it for some time to come. Therefore I've decided to stop updating this blog on a weekly basis. I will post when I've got something to post and my connection allows it (like now).

As always, keep sending in ideas for things you'd like to see on Pixiv or through the comments on this blog. When possible, I will go through all of them and I'll most likely use them sooner or later. I might now always reply (I'm have a hard time replying to stuff when I haven't really got anything to say), but don't let that hold you back to send in more comments and ideas.

I'm close to finishing the cbt 3DCG story and will post it when my connection is up long enoough to be able to upload it. Hopefully today, otherwise some other day.
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Little busy and tired today, I'll skip the update this week. Expect a cbt 3DCG story in not too long.

See you next week.
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I've only been able to finish up the third CG Event Scene for the Class route this week. Although I was supposed to have lot more free time now that I'm on summer break, unfortunately I can't afford not accepting jobs at the moment, meaning I'm working quite a lot now. I wish I could decline work and have more free time to work on this project, but since I need the money and this game will be free, I can't. Sorry about that, but I'm still aiming to finish this before the end of August.

- Finished 1 CG Event Scene
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Amount of images

Sorry, I'm a bit later than usual this week.

Last week I said how I wanted to finish up 2 CG Event Scenes this week. I almost did, but I decided to give the second event scene some extra images. This gave me an idea for something to talk about: the amount of images per CG Event Scene.

In general, I use very few alterations for images. Most eroge games have 20+ images per scene, I have about 5 on average. I use as many as I think are needed: I don't want to create more versions of the same image just to make the game 'bigger'. If a scene works with just 3 images, I give it just 3 images. I also rarely change expressions during a CG event scene, which might be part of the reason for the low amount of images per scene. This is probably a point I should improve in the future.

Almost 75% of the event scenes are complete now. Release is getting closer.

- 1 CG Event Scene
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