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There it is. A new tag, for a new work. I'm still working on a more stable version for Teacher in Training, but as some of the fixes require quite tedious work I couldn't help but start with something new.

The basic story
You just started attending college. You have a lot of the same classes as one of your best and oldest friends, a girl that has been in love with you for as long as you've known each other. However, you're still inexperienced in love, mostly because of your own lack of attention for love and obliviousness to your friends feelings for you. But this time it's going to be different. You've decided to turn your life around and great a fruitful college life for yourself in both academics and love. As soon as you started college, you force yourself to be a more socialable person and hope to find a romance out of it. But things aren't going as you'd hoped. Allthough female interest in you seems to be sufficient, none of the girls that you think might like you really interest you. Should you just start a relationship first and then get to know them better? Keep looking? Or maybe just give up on trying to force something like this?
But that's when you spotted her. That girl. The girl. Your heart skips a beat as you turn your head when she walked past. This must be it. The feeling you were looking for.
A few days later you approach her fot the first time, and it didn't take more than a month to get close to her. But when you finally found the courage to ask her out, she tells you she's not looking for a normal relationship. Still adamant about 'dating' her, you're about to find out what kind of relationship she is looking for...

I've talked about some of my plans for this game before, but I'll list some of them below.
- I'm hoping to improve my art in this work, and therefore the game will also have a bigger screen.
- I want the game to be bigger in terms of length and amount of CG event scenes than Teacher in Training was, but also want there to be only one main route this time. This means one long story, with possibly some alternative endings or early endings. And maybe some choices that will change what CG event scene will be next or how a CG event scene will end.
- Because it will be one long route that's mainly about one girl, I want to include multiple outfits for the main heroine at least.
- Hopefully I'll get to include your ideas and suggestions.

As for that last one, I'd really like to hear any suggestions and ideas you have that fit this game's setting. To clearify: the setting is once again female on male femdom, realistic (as in non-fantasy/SciFi), and most likely takes place in a non-existing country (so you can mess around with laws). I want to split the suggestions in four stages, this one being for general ideas for the game and story, and things you'd like to see.

Please send any scenarios, ideas, or suggestions you have and wish to share to me on either Pixiv, as a comment on this blog, or anywhere else you think I will see.

Oh right, I forgot: I also once again need a good name for the game.
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