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April progress update

Time for a 'normal' update again.

Currently, I still need:
- If possible, someone to make exclusive sound effects and/or music instead of license-free stuff.
- A good font to use for the textbox that everyone has (so it doesn't have to be installed).
- 'Endgame' suggestions: I don't really have clear idea how to end the game anymore, so any ideas with permanent results or simply ideas possible endings are welcome.

I've done a lot of drawing this month as you can see by the progress stats, and have done a lot of writing to accompany those graphics as well. I still have to look into most technical stuff like a CG gallery, shaking screens, etc. though.

Selene Scene
It was time for either a Diana or a Selene screenshot this time, but I went with Selene because this CG event works better as a public screenshot than Diana's.

Backgrounds [15/18]
Outfits [18/20]
Scenes [11/30]
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According to my totally perfect calculations, I'm now about halfway done with Mistress Degree. That doesn't really mean anything (I could say it would mean I need another 5 months to finish it, but since I can't predict how much more CG scenes I will add or how much time I can spend working on this it could be longer or hopefully shorter than that), but I somehow felt like sharing it.
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Working the nightshift

I've got the time, privacy, mood, and some caffeine, so I decided to have a little 'working on the new game'-marathon. The night is about to start in my timezone, and since sleep is for the weak I will be spending the night working on the game (while updating this blogpost with stuff about the game/my progress, screenshots, and random rambling).

I've finished the start for my DollProject work (a few weeks ago already, actually), so I can concentrate on this project entirely (well, technically I could make new 3DCG stories or continue writing my second short novel, but I'll stick with College for now). Unfortunately I haven't heard anything back about it, so if I don't hear anything in the next few weeks I'll just publish it on my Pixiv.

This is kind of sudden so I don't expect anyone to happen take a look here in the hours I will be doing this, but if anyone does, feel free to comment and ask anything you'd like to know/see and I'll answer. So if you'd like to see a screenshot with a certain fetish or character, you can ask and if I have something ready that doesn't spoil too much I'll make a screenshot of it and update this post.

Enough rambling for now, time to get some work done.

Update #1:
Since my latest screenshots were all about Isis and my last two weren't during the 'action', I've decided to post a screenshot of a scene with Freya now since I've already worked on her route as well.
Freya Scene
Although you can't actually see it's Freya (you'll have to trust me on my word!), this scene/slide felt like the most interesting thing to post. This scene took some work because it has other slides that aren't varations but entirely new drawings, but I felt like making some scenes with more effort put into them since I take shortcuts quite often (by only showing what is absolutely necessary, for example). The scene I'm working on right now also is one of those scenes with a little extra effort into them, but this one is for the main route again.

Update #2:
Still working on the main route scene that's a little more work than the average scene, but almost done with the first slide of it (just have to color the lineart).

After this the next scene for both routes will actually be about the same kink, so I'll have a little more trouble than usual deciding what to work on next. Leaning towards the main route since I've reached the point where girls besides Isis are introduced, so working on that will allow me to finally show me some of the other girls soon.

Update #3:
I wanted to post a more clearly explicit picture for once, so here's a topless one of Isis with a little twist. I put it in a link for people who want to be spoiled as little as possible.
I suck at cropping screenshots. And again with that same background! Too much is going on at Isis' apartment at this point in the game. :P

Meanwhile I finished the first slide, took me a little longer to finish it than planned because I had to do a full restart to resolve some issues.

Update #4:
I just realized I haven't actually said what name for the game I chose from all the suggestions I got (thanks again, had I hard time picking one), so here's a screenshot of the most basic version of the main menu (with the title of the game on it).
Main menu

Update #5:
Suns are about to rise and hands are about to hurt, so I'll take a break for now. I didn't get even that single CG event scene done, but that's probably because I went with the one that is a lot of work. :P

I'll probably do something like this again sometime (of course I won't stop working in the meantime), but planned a little better and longer so I can actually work through a pile of stuff. Like a 24-hour marathon (with breaks, though :P) or a fulltime workweek.
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I was lying yesterday. Just in case someone really took me serious, I'll make it up with a screenshot again.

Isis bondage outfit
I wish I could have shown a fitting screenshot that actually had stuff that would need censoring, but unless you want to see male genitalia, I don't have anything ready. So I decided on this screencap even though it happens to be with the same background as the screenshot of a few days ago, but I hid the textbox for once. I kind of like this outfit.
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I've recently received an E-mail from a person who was offended by my past work since it contained poop and other stuff he/she didn't want to see. I take complaints like this seriously, and have therefore decided to censor everything that can be seen as offensive in my future works, including the new game. To make sure it is not still seen as offensive I will cover anything that needs it up with smiley faces, since almost nobody is offended by smiley faces. Any words or terms that might be seen as offensive such as 'shit', 'bondage', or 'the', will also be covered up with a few smileys.

Thanks for understanding.
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