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May progress update

And another month went by.

Currently, I still need:
- If possible, someone to make exclusive sound effects and/or music instead of license-free stuff.
- A good simple font to use for the textbox. I've looked into some options for a while now but although it's not perfect, I'm actually getting used to the standard font.

I'm finished with the backgrounds (as long as I don't decide to add any more). I still hope I can finish the game before the end of august, but I still have to draw 18 more scenes and do most of the more difficult progamming so I can't promise anything. And unfortunately I will have to throw myself at my studies starting in september, so progress will be a lot slower again then.

Other Girls
This is the art for a scene without any of the main girls.

Backgrounds [18/18]
Outfits [18/20]
Scenes [16/34]
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Maya voting round #1

Due to lack of admin response from the official website, I've decided to upload my drawn expansion story to Pixiv and ask for reader input for every next part through 2 polls: one for smaller modifications, the other for bigger ones. Only the high voted results for each poll will be in the next part of the story, but other high voted and whatever people who select 'Other' fill in will possibly be included in the next poll.

The first part of the story can be read here.

Polls deleted. Results:

Alexa is helping Maya become more confident in the way she dresses and looks. What minor change will she suggest?
Slutty clothes (24 votes, 43%)
Piercing (7 votes, 12%)
Different hairstyle (17 votes, 30%)
Heavy make-up (2 votes, 4%)
Tattoo (6 votes, 11%)
Other (0 votes, 0%)

Alexa is helping Maya become more confident in the way she dresses and looks. What major change will she suggest?
Breast enlargement (13 votes, 24%)
Butt enlargement (15 votes, 28%)
Lip silicone (2 votes, 4%)
Waist reduction (3 votes, 6%)
Anus expanding (18 votes, 33%)
Other: None (3 votes, 6%)

Update: Seems like several options are close or the same in number of votes. The final result will be decided after 7 days of voting, so when the '... votes in ... days' disclaimers reach 8 days (or when I will first see it did so), the winning options of each poll will be decided. If at that moment there's two or more winning options with the same amount of votes, I will add another day until the voting closes until a winner is decided.

Update #2: Sorry, because of a bug that redirected people directly to Pollmaker when visiting this page I had to close voting early.
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Nightshift #2

I'm planning to work through the night again tomorrow night. I'll start in a little more than 24 hours and use this blogpost to place random screenshots, updates, and rants again. I'll also answer any questions as soon as I see them and fulfill any wishes for screenshots you want to see as long as I feel it wouldn't spoil too much.

Update #1: I've started 'work'. I will continue working on a scene I was already working on first. It's a scene that would've been the very last scene of the game in my original plan, but now serves as the 'return to school', since the before it no scenes actually happen in the college.

Update #2: Finished the scene, it ended up having 10 slides. I can't post a screenshot of this paticular scene because of a spoiler, but it probably wouldn't be a very interesting screenshot without the story behind it anyway. So I took another non-scene screenshot, this time featuring Freya in a new outfit.
Freya Bondage
Do you?

Update #3: I've finished making the new and (probably) completed flowchart. The game will most likely end up having 34 CG event scenes. Which is almost triple the amount Teacher in Training had, but I'm not going to add 2 scenes just to make it exactly three times as many scenes. :P

Mistress Degree will also have 6 different endings: one for each girl plus one unlockable ending with the girl I haven't and won't reveal the art for.

Update #4: I've been working on this for over 8 hours now so I'm done for now. I wish I would've had something else to show, but unfortunately I don't.
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With my old laptop slowly dying and slowing down my work speed with an increasing amount of problems, I've decided to open donations. All donations will help me develop games in the future (new hardware, possibly hiring music composers/voice actors, or simply being able to decline some paid work and working on games instead), and are anonymous.

Since PayPal doesn't accept transferring money for 'adult' purposes and doesn't have the option to keep both donator and me anonymous, I've decided to only accept BitCoin donations. The easiest and cheapest way to acquire BitCoins is probably by looking up a local website where you can buy/sell BitCoins. Personally, I set up my BitCoin wallet (1LiL2ZWNuZ3ZZwVg3Sf94Akw7hUxUzBYNG) online through, though you don't need a BitCoin wallet to donate since you can just fill out my wallet adress to transfer the funds to. For more information/an easy explanation, this thread helped me a lot.

If you want to be in the credits of my next game as a sponsor, send me an E-mail with the last three numbers of your donation amount in BitCoins and the nickname you would like me to use to If you for any reason can't or don't want to donate through BitCoin, you can also contact me on the same E-mail adress.

Any amount no matter how small is more than welcome. A big thank you to anyone willing to support me.
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The Necromancer

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Welcome to FC2!

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Please consider donating if you like my work and wish to support it. All donations will fully go to the development of future games. Read 'blog-entry-54.html' for more info (add everything between the brackets behind my blog url).

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