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April Fools

Not actually another lame April Fools joke (It isn't even April, after all).

I've written a new story without pictures. It was supposed to be a short story, but it ended up being pretty long (not as long as Her Kink, though). It's a femdom story of course, with toilet slavery as it's main theme.

You can find the first part here and the second part here.

I hope some of you might enjoy reading this while waiting for the release of Mistress Degree.

Update: I wrote a sequel to this story called Fool Me Twice. Too long for a single submission again, so read the first part here and the second part here.

Update #2: Wrote a short final part, read it here.

It looks like Pixiv has increased the character limit for novel submissions from 30.000 to 300.000. This one was more than short enough to fit in 30.000 characters, but I'm glad I'll be able to submit all written stories as a single submission from now on. If only they'd increase the Mb limit for Manga submissions now.
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June progress update

Only two more months before I want to have the Beta version of the game released.

Currently, I still need:
- If possible, someone to make exclusive sound effects and/or music instead of license-free stuff.
- A good simple font to use for the textbox. I've looked into some options for a while now but although it's not perfect, I'm actually getting used to the standard font.
- Beta test applications are still open for now as well. You can contact me through mail (there's a contact form on the left bar of this blog) or on Pixiv (the link to my Pixiv page is on the left bar as well).

Unfortunately, I kind of lost my momentum after my weekend away instead of being recharged and wasn't able to reach my goal of 24 CG scenes done at the end of June. On the other hand, the scene I worked on these past 2 weeks was probably the most work of them all until now. The next one in the Freya route will also be a lot of work, so I think I'll switch to working on the the main route again for now to not discourage myself from being behind schedule too much.

In bed with Freya
You shouldn't sleep with your head under the covers!

Backgrounds [18/18]
Outfits [21/21]
Scenes [22/34]
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Short break

I'll be away for the weekend. So after today, I won't be able to read or answer any E-mail, comments, or messages until monday afternoon (monday afternoon for me and my timezone :P). Feel free to send them, but realize it can be a few days until I reply.

I hope I can finish the scene I was working on today, but I've also got a lot of preparing to do so I'll see.

Update: Finished drawing the scene. I also took this chance to safely back everything up. I will write a few more hours, and then I will go to sleep and leave early tomorrow morning.

Update #2: Back. I'm able to answer mails etc again and will continue working on the game in a short while.
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For me, programming is the most boring part of making an eroge game like this. So because Ren'py does a lot for me in terms of standard menu's etc, I ended up mostly just drawing and writing until now and probably until the last few weeks of development.

That didn't stop me from thinking about what I still have to or want to do though, and as I was writing another CG event scene, I thought of what might be a problem: I've been experimenting and going 'out of the box' with some scenes. For example, several scenes start with a few slides, but go back to 'normal' dialogue and sprites for a while and than the CG slides continue later. This means that in a CG Event Gallery I have to
A) show the 'normal' dialogue too
B) cut the normal parts out even if it's strange
C) split the events into seperate events in the gallery
D) make the gallery a collection of CG Event images only, without dialogue.
Right now, I'm leaning to D, because the player can make is/her own CG Event Gallery with dialogue using saves. And even though the game is longer and has a lot more event scenes compared to Teacher in Training, it also has an infinite amount of saves: there's 10 Auto-Save slots, 10 Quick-Save slots, and 8 pages of normal saves with 10 slots each, but with the possibility to use the next page button to go even past page 8 of the normal saves for as far as you want (Well, it might not be completely limitless, I haven't tried going past page 30, but you probably won't need more than 300 saves).

Oh, and I kind of promised a screenshot, so I'll post an image of a nude Freya sprite.
Freya nude
I wonder if the pubic hair needs mentioning? At the moment it's not adressed at all in the story since I couldn't think of a good way to do it, but I can try again if people feel it should be adressed. :P
I also thought about making a non-pubic hair version because I realize not everyone likes it, but I decided against it as making something like that optional would mean I would have to make a lot of things optional (since stuff like 'clothes or no clothes', 'make-up or no make-up', and 'glasses or no glasses' are a matter of taste as well).
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Random update

Time for some random rambling to take my mind of things. First of all, thanks for everyone who applied to be a beta tester already, it's a little over 10 people now I think.

Second of all, I've been picking up speed now a little more since my release goal is (as you could've seen from the beta 'poster') to have the game ready somewhere around the end of August/early September. I'm mostly drawing during the day, and writing during the night. I noticed I was getting close to the different endings of the main route, but in number I have quite a few scenes left to draw. Partly because there will be 5 different endings to that route, but mostly because it's been a while since I've worked on the side route. It's shorter than the main route, but all in all it still has quite a few scenes and I've only drawn three of them, while I've drawn 15 scenes for the main route now.

So since I was in the mood for it anyway, I've started drawing for the side route again today and will probably do some writing for it later tonight. I've already drawn yet another character state for Freya, and am about to finish up that fourth scene.

I will be busy and unable to work on anything next weekend (and the days around it because of getting ready/resting up afterwards, but I hope I will be able to have about 24 scenes done by the end of this month, because 5 scenes a month after that should be doable (I'm done with both backgrounds and character states now unless I decide to add some more) in combination with finally doing some programming and adding stuff like music and sound effects.

Sorry for making you read useless information like this, but it helps me put everything in order in my mind and at the same time shows you I'm still alive. And a wall of text like this will also make me feel like I should post a screenshot in my next update. :P Anyway, thanks for all the support and don't be afraid to comment or message me about anything, I read and get motivated by it all.
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Mistress Degree Beta Test Rally

Mistress Degree beta test
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Moving away from 3D Custom Girls

This is not news or anything, just random rambling/showing I'm still alive while I work on stuff.

In the past few months, I've tried to update my Pixiv with a new story at least once per month. I obviously failed to properly do this, and as I was working on a new 3DCG sequel, I figured that's probably because I don't really enjoy doing it as much as I once did. I also noticed in my big list of random ideas and stuff that even though I rarely release a new 3DCG story anymore, the list of ideas to use for 3DCG stories is shrinking (I haven't made a full story that's not a sequel in ages!). I'm using a lot of my time and 'creativity' on making eroge now, and feel like it's my 'main thing' now.

Therefore I've basically decided to not force myself to make a lot more 3DCG caption stories. That doesn't mean I will stop doing it (as I said, I'm working on one right now), it just means that it doesn't have my priority, especially with the date I want to release Mistress Degree on drawing close. I still use the program to help me with my poses and designs for drawing (although I'm slowly able to move away from that too), and I will release at least a few more 3DCG caption stories. Basically, I will finish the ideas I still have on my list (A sequel to Princess, a few more sequels to Kaiyo, and a new story), and then slowly move away from it while possibly making another sequel once in a while.

That doesn't mean I will stop using my Pixiv, though. I will still come up with ideas that don't fit in a game or are short, but I will most likely be switching to drawing those ideas (in the form of comics or in other ways). This will allow me to practice and experiment a little more, and hopefully one day help me draw something decent.
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