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Now that the monthly updates have ended I'll try to keep the people that take the time to check out this blog up-to-date with a list of the work I need/want to do on the game before beta-releasing it. I'll add something to the list whenever I think of it, and cross it off when I'm done with it.

> Fix mistake in one of the scenes
> Add all images to game database
> Add sound effects to game
> Add music to the game
> Add screen effects to the game
> Make/implement dummy credits
> Add different endings to the game and making one of the endings unlockable
> Finish writing story
> Fix the shitload of new errors since last testing
> Fix save/load menu overlapping issue
> Fix main menu background image
> Either make things appear on the background for the main menu or improve the art of the background image
> Fix character state with annoying floating pixel
> Make a CG Gallery
> Test game myself and fix any typos/issues I notice
> Change temporary game name to final game name
> Make/add game icon
> Clear test savefiles and create a clean beta test executable
> Write down any info the testers need and send out the info + download link for the beta test
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July progress update

This is the last one of these updates.

Currently, I still need:
- If possible, someone to make exclusive sound effects and/or music instead of license-free stuff.
- A good simple font to use for the textbox. I've looked into some options for a while now but although it's not perfect, I'm actually getting used to the standard font.
- Anyone with knowledge of Python or Ren'Py to help me with the programming.

The goal of 29 scenes done by the end of July was reached and easily surpassed as I'm now done with drawing most of the art! I've actually been saving a radio recording I had high expectations of for the past few days and listening to other ones first until I realized I was already working on the very last scene and would never even reach that show if I saved it any longer (I only listen to talking radio and podcasts etc while I draw art, I can't write or program and listen to something at the same time). I've still got 5 hours left to listen to now and almost nothing to draw while listening to it. All that's left is one edit I have to make because I made a mistake in an older scene I drew I didn't take the time to fix yet (fixing several slides already made is a pain), and I have to do something with the menu (I still have to decide what exactly to do with it, the 'adding items' idea doesn't really work with so many possible endings/routes).

I will now continue writing the rest of the story to fit the event scenes I already drew. After that I will start trying to program the CG Gallery, and then I will go over the entire game and add appropriate music, special effects, and possibly screen shaking as I go. After that I will play the game one more time and fix anything that needs fixing before I send the game and more information to the beta testers.

Another Selene scene
Another Selene scene, but I liked this picture.

Backgrounds [18/18]
Outfits [22/22]
Scenes [34/34]
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All that's left is the end

I've just finished drawing the last scene that isn't an ending scene. So all that's left for me to draw and write is the ending of the game. Unfortunately that doesn't mean I'm almost done, because the game will have six different possible endings.

I have 1,5 month left to draw 6 more scenes and at least one more character outfit/state, draw the rest of the menu variations and make them work, add in music and sound effects, and try to make a working gallery. The graphics and sound should be doable in that time even though my time is getting more spare since I'm about to move, the programming work completely depends on how well I can figure things out with my limited knowledge (if anyone knows Python and can lend his/her support, feel free to send me a mail).

That's all I have to say for now, I'll save screenshots for the monthly update posts to not spoil too much of the near-end game.

Update: All the art for Freya's route is done! 5 more endings to go.
4 more, Isis' ending is done as well.
Not once was I able to draw Morrigan's tattoos to look even close to any of them in any other pictures... Either way; 3 more scenes to go.
Secret ending is drawn. 4 endings down, just 2 more left to draw!
Diana has an ending. Almost done.
And with Selene's ending drawn, I'm basically done drawing for this game!
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