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Old short story, new pic

I just submitted a short story I wrote a while ago and already posted on the Hentai-Femdom forum to Pixiv with the addition of quick illustration I made for it.

The Necromancer

Part of the reason I gave priority to drawing the picture for this right now was because I knew I could make something quickly and I'm trying to submit at least one new work to Pixiv every month from now on. I'll get busier and busier, but I don't want to stop pushing out content, so in case I can't submit something big like a new comic, I'll try to submit a single picture or something else I can finish quicker at least once a month.
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A page

Below preview
I decided to keep the covers for this series really simple, so I'll show you a single-panel page. Tell me what you think.
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  2. Below
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New category & The Matriarchy label

This blogpost is the first blogpost with a new label: Below. It's not a new game, but for now it will be my 'main' project. Below will not just be the short tag for the new work, but it will also be the actual name of what will be a multi-chapter comic.

Much like My Queen's throne, Below will be a black-and-white comic. But it will be about completely new characters and concentrate on just the main character plus two other girls (the first chapter will be about one girl, the second one about the other, later chapters about both). I'm aiming for a length of about 20 pages per chapter and hoping to increase the quality of my art just a little bit more from My Queen's throne. Scat will not be the main focus of Below, but if I feel like it's fitting to use scat in a scene I won't avoid it.

Below will not be the only thing I'll be working on (Kaiyo 4, a new Maya part, and a completely new slightly humorous CG set are some of the other things I'm working on), but for now it will receive most of my free time since it will allow me to speed up my drawing before I start a new game project.

It felt fitting to publish My Queen's throne under the 'The Matriarchy' label since it was a part of Mistress Degree, but I've decided to switch to the The Matriarchy label for Under and possible other drawn projects as well. 'The Necromancer' will remain my handle for myself, but I'd like to see The Matriarchy as a hardcore femdom circle. This will allow me to possible get people to write or do something else as part of the group, or publish a femdom-related work under the label (not that anyone would want to do that).

As always any and all femdom-related ideas are welcome, and especially ideas that'd fit in a single picture are very welcome at the moment (since it will allow me to play with drawing technique's a little). So if you have a request for a single picture, I'll likely get on it right away. I do accept anime/manga/game character requests, but only if I know/like the character (and I have harsh taste).
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Msize is back!

Since I know there's a few fans of Msize like myself here, I thought I'd mention that at last, Msize has announced his new (MILF-centered) femdom game. I'm probably a little late with this news since after years of checking his website daily, I kind of gave up lately with the lack of any updates or even comments from Riumu.

Anyway, I'm really excited and hope the actual game release will be before August next year (although I'm afraid this news is just to counter the rumors of Msize's retiring and he isn't actually that close to finishing the game).

If anyone is interested in continuing this discussion, you can talk about it on the forum here:
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