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Below chapter 1

The first chapter was finished a little quicker than I had expected, so I was able to release it this month after all. You can count this as my October release and The Toilet Tank as a little extra.
Below 00
You can find it here. I hope you like it!
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  2. Below
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Below preview

A preview of a simple page for Below, but with the speech bubbles removed so it doesn't spoil too much. Sound effects are still there, though.
Below preview
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  2. Below
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The Toilet Tank

I promised to upload at least some new content every month, but I cheated a little this month because of exams coming up. I just uploaded a short story I made a while ago to fill an open request on a forum. Most of it is just the given guidelines worked into a story, and it's not exactly new, but I guess it will be new for most of my Pixiv followers.

The new comic is, of course, still being worked on. I'm close to finishing the 12th page and I want it to have around 20 pages total.
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Since I received an E-mail asking about this, I decided to think up some prices for commissions.

3DCG comic: $1 for every full 10 pages, if I exceed the requested amount to finish the story those will be free
Written story: $1 for 5.000 characters
Single drawn image: $2,50
Written story with occasional simple image: $3 for 10.000 characters and at least one simple image
Black-and-white comic: $5 per page (Cover (color) and backpage (black and white) free for a comic of at least 5 pages)
Color comic: $7,50 per page (Cover (color) and backpage (black and white) free for a comic of at least 5 pages)
Black-and-white CG sequence: $10 for 5 pages
Color CG sequence: $12,50 for 5 pages
For 25% extra you can have exclusive uploading rights for however long you need to upload the work to wherever you wish (e-hentai for earning GP for example). I will wait with uploading the work to Pixiv until you're done uploading it where you want to be the uploader of the work for whatever reason.
For 50% of the price of a commission you can support the making of one of my own projects. So for example, if you'd really want to see Below #2 as soon as possible you could make sure it is what I will work on next by donating $50 instead of the $100 a 20-page black-and-white comic commission would usually cost.

You can now also commission be to make a premium work. This means you'll pay me to create a bigger project (no 3DCG, no stories without pictures), but the work will be put up on DLsite for the price we agreed to when it's finished and only the commissioner will get it for free. In return all profit will go to the commissioner until I've paid the original fee back, after which the commissioner will get 25% of all profit.

I accept commisions for:
- Any kind of femdom, both woman on man and woman on woman. Yes, 'any kind' includes NTR/cuckolding, but only with a clear femdom theme.
- Female transformations into anything but furry.

If you don't want to pay or don't have the money, you can still send me your request. If I really like it, I might use it in one of my own projects in some way, so especially small ideas I can use in that way. If I really really like the idea, I might just do a project around it.

Send me an E-mail at for any commissions and requests and we'll discuss the details. All 'profits' will go to buying me new hardware so I can make new works at a faster pace, or improve my next game's quality.

Update: Made a mistake, I meant 'characters' for the story prices, not 'words' since I don't count those and it would be too much work for that price. To compensate for my mistake I've halfed the prices for both the story with images and without.

Update #2: Added 25% extra for exlusive uploading rights and 50% less for supporting the creation of a new title of my own device options.

Update #3: Added free cover and backpage to comic commissions of 5 pages and longer.

Update #4: Not doing 3DCG comics for now. In exchange 5% off all drawn commissions for every number of pages as set for each type of drawn commission up to 25%. Half that for the 'occasional image' stories.

Update #5: Added 'premium commissions' option.
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Some help needed

I've made some decent progress on the new comic lately (I'm over halfway done) even though I've also had some back sets (like a power outage) and I've been fairly busy. By far the biggest thing slowing down my progress however is my dying laptop.

My old and slow laptop has an increasingly hard time running Photoshop, limiting the size I can work at and as I said slowing down progress by taking a very long time to save a file/page and taking more and more time for every action as a page gets busier.

I wish I could afford to buy a new laptop (it has to be a laptop due to traveling), but unfortunately I can't. I hate to just ask for money but also dislike the idea of charging for everything I make. This gave me the idea to charge for the new comic but with a 'pay-what-you-want' system, that would give you the download after the buyer pays whatever amount they can or want to pay for it, including nothing at all. There's a few ways I can do this with PayPal as the easiest option, but unfortunately PayPal doesn't allow their services to be used for the purpose of buying or selling adult products. Another option I found would come with a $9 a/month subscription at the very least and using that option would mean I could and most likely would be losing money after not releasing something new for a while.

So unless someone can point me to a way to use a 'pay-what-you-want' for selling adult material that doesn't ask a monthly fee (a site asking for a percentage of the profits is fine by me), that idea goes down the drain. I personally can't think of anything else except maybe accepting commissions, but to be fair to the commissioner it would mean I will have to concentrate on doing those requests as well as my mediocre skills allow me to, so it would (at least until I can afford that new laptop) significantly slow down any other projects I've got going on. And besides that I rarely get requests for free work in the first place.

As I said, I hate to ask for money but I'm afraid the day my laptop won't boot up at all is nearing, so any ideas on how I could earn some money for a new one are more than welcome, just like general donations or commissions for whatever price you see fit (as long as it's not something as ridiculous as '$1 for a game with these functions and routes') of course (contact me at
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