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Thought I'd copy a more simple/clear list I made in the forum for what kind of things I could use people.

List of things I could use people for:
* Writing a side route
* Thinking of more specific/original ideas for scenes that could be used in the game
* Spell-checking
* Beta-testing
* Background music
* Sound effects
* Female voice acting
* Drawing simple backgrounds or copying my art style and simply doing part of the art
* Making buttons, designing a logo, or making a HUD
* Translating all text to different commonly used languages
* Creating/managing/hosting a 'Project Lotus' website

If any of this sounds interesting to you, join and send me (TheNecromancer) a PM about adding you to the group that can see the otherwise invisible behind-the-scenes board. Read more
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Allie character file
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Below chapter 2

Woops, forgot to put a link up here yesterday.
Below #2 cover
You can find it here.
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Half a page left

I've got the last comic page of Below #2 halfway done right now. It's still going to take a while, but I've got some energy drinks and food ready to help me make it an all-nighter if I have to, so expect it soon.

If anyone sees this blogpost in the next few hours and is willing to spell-check for me and available to do it quickly in the next few hours, send me an E-mail (
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Project Lotus

Okay, since I've started receiving ideas and one person has been kind enough to write his own route for the game, I decided to officially start 'recruiting' for Project Lotus.

The idea is simple: If you have anything to offer at all and want to help out with the Veil of the Lotus femdom eroge game, you can ask me to join the 'team'. This can be writing your own route, creating music, beta-testing/spell-checking, but also something as simple as having a few ideas lingering around or being interested in discussing stuff with me and other people who help out behind the scene.

For all 'behind the scene' discussions about the game I've created a subforum on The Hentai Femdom Forum. You shouldn't be able to see the board now, but if you create an account or have an account on the forum you can PM me there to ask to be added to the Project Lotus group.

Any and all help/support is appreciated.
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Details on my third game

I'm getting close to finishing the second chapter of Below. Some blog posts ago I mentioned Below staying my main project until it was done, but I currently do not have a clear idea of what I want to do with the third chapter, so I'm thinking about switching to my new game as main project for a while.

With Teacher in Training my challenge was to simply finish a simple femdom eroge game. With Mistress Degree I was trying to make something bigger/longer and switched to a slightly less simple development way that would give me more possibilities in the long run (like the CG gallery, and unlockable endings). I want my next game to be bigger and better again.

For Veil of the Lotus I will try a different approach than for my first two games.
* The game will be free again, but released in parts/updates.
* Instead of asking for beta testers, anyone can simply tell me what bugs and spelling errors they found, and I will fix them for the next version of the game.
* I hate to be doing this, but for the sake of me being able to continue making new femdom works in the future, increasing my work speed, and even improving my possibility for improvement (having to work with lag/not being able to use original layers that are too big is a problem), I will ask for donations/funding for the next release of the game. I will set funding goals for the next game release.
* If you can't or do not want to donate, you can always help out in other ways for new versions/releases. If you can make original sound effects for the game, I will gladly use them and add new content to the game myself as well. Same if you can make music, voice act, program certain functions I can't/have a hard time with, copy my art style and draw, think up relevant scenarios/CG scenes, or whatever you can think of.
* At the moment I only have one route in mind for the game, and I'm planning to keep it at that at least for now. But if you are or want to be a femdom writer and think you could write an interesting sideroute for the game, you can contact me with your basic idea, ask me for more information, or send me some of your writing and we might be able to collaborate.

I've had this idea in my mind for quite some time now, but I also have my doubts about it. Reader comments on this blog have come to a halt recently, so I'm not sure if there's even anyone out there still reading this. If this project fails, most plans I have for a more distant future would probably fall apart as well and in that case I'd have to consider stopping with the game projects altogether since I'd like to move forward and make better games, not keep producing stuff for a declining number of people.

As for Veil of the Lotus' main route, I will put out the details at a later date. I can however say that I'd like to put the focus of this route on scat/toilet slavery. Read more
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Does this work?

Chrissy nude
First time I've drawn Chrissy with bare breasts, and I tried giving her nipples/areolas of a lighter tone than her skin. I'm not really sure if it works or not myself, any opinions?
(Picture not final, even if I end up keeping her areolas like this I still have to give her lips and some sweat drops)
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  2. Below
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