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Hardware upgrade

I've spent the past few days cleaning my computer and giving it a slight upgrade in hardware that will hopefully allow me to work with a little less lag. I can't get the back-up version for my Photoshop version to work, so I have decided to download the newest CS version instead so I'll be putting back my preferences, recreating my standard brushes and try to get used to the new version in the next few days. So I'll be working at a slower pace for now but if everything goes according to plan be able to work faster than ever in the near future.
  1. 2015/06/17(水) 08:43:06|
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Lotus Allie 02a
The basic image for the second Allie CG event scene. I was planning to pick a later variation of the image to show here, but those images will likely take some time to make so I just went with this one.

That's it for this week of daily updates and full-time work on the game. I hope there's people out there who found the things I showed interesting and are looking forward to the game. As I said before I'm not sure how things will be from now on in terms of the free time department, but I'll try to work on it as much as possible. If you think you are able to help out in any way (music, art, writing, etc) feel free to contact me. Donations will also greatly help progress, you can contact me by E-mail ( if you wish to donate in a way other than BitCoins (PayPal for example).
  1. 2015/06/05(金) 19:48:02|
  2. Lotus
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Lotus logo
The logo for the game. I don't think I had shown this here yet. I was hoping to finish something else to show today, but looks like that will be something for tomorrow.
  1. 2015/06/04(木) 20:35:28|
  2. Lotus
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Not something I made today, but I have been mostly writing and drawing what I think are probably completely uninteresting things, so I'll just show this today.
  1. 2015/06/03(水) 19:48:46|
  2. Lotus
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Club room
Put off drawing this background a little too long. It will be one of the most frequently used ones in the game: the literature club room.
  1. 2015/06/02(火) 17:37:52|
  2. Lotus
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Lotus Allie 01a
Been doing mostly prep-work and writing today, so here's a screenshot I had already lying around. It's from the first scene of the Allie route.

Update: Had a few more variations to create for the above scene, just finished it. It has 11 pictures/variations in total.
  1. 2015/06/01(月) 15:01:59|
  2. Lotus
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