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I will be working full-time for an extended period starting tomorrow. During this time I will have little time to draw, so I will be focusing on Veil of the Lotus for the most part. The goal I've set for myself is to make one new CG event scene slide a day at the very least on average per month. I'll see if I reached that average at the end of September.

If I do reach it, this means that it's fairly likely the first version of the game will be released within the next 3 months.
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  2. Lotus
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The Matriarchy on Patreon
Patreon Lotus
We're trying out a Patreon page to support the making of Veil of the Lotus. If you can spare a little money and are willing to support us, please have a look. There's rewards for supporters.

Thank you very much.
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Hellsing Ultimate scat

Another one.
Seras Victoria 01Seras Victoria 02
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann scat

Another piece of fan-art, this time hyperscat.
Yoko Littner
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Update: Added a variation image to the gallery with different dialogue and some small other changes.
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Steins;Gate scat

No femdom in this one, just plain scat/panty pooping. First time I did fan-art.
Makise Kurisu 01Makise Kurisu 02
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The Matriarchy circle

The Matriarchy has been accepted as a DLsite circle. This means I can start creating stuff to sell for a price on the English and Japanese DLsite.

This in no way means I'm planning to start charging people for my work, but I would like to be able to receive some funds from generous people willing to support my stuff more easily. All money I receive is meant to increase the quality or quantity of my work. This means I will not spend it on anything other than hardware to improve the speed at which I can work or possible the ability to pay for professional voice acting and such.

Right now, I would like to make something short and simple to sell for a fairly low price on DLsite. I will not upload the complete work for free anywhere myself, but I won't use copy-protection or stop anyone from spreading it for free either (I'd appreciate a link to where you can buy it, though). The point in this is to provide a simpler way for people to support my work and also give them a little something as a thank you. Right now I don't have the slightest idea for what to make though, so any ideas are more than welcome.

Other people who for whatever reason would like to publish their femdom-related work under the 'The Matriarchy' circle name for free or on DLsite can contact me as well. If you want to publish your story, CG set, game, or comic on DLsite for a premium fee under our circle name I will not take a cut of your profit, of course (DLsite will, though). An advantage of using the same circle together is that DLsite will only pay out after you earned at least $100 since your last pay-out and it's easier to more quickly reach that amount with multiple people/more works. Anyone who's interested can contact me by mail at

I'm playing around with some other ideas, but for now I am not planning to release anything except this one work for a fee. Feel free to comment with any ideas or opinions.
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Maya part 3 poll

Part 2 of the Maya story can finally be found on my Pixiv now (, vote here for the changes Maya will go through in part 3.

Place any comments with 'other' suggestions on this blogpost and +1 an idea someone already suggested if you think it should be included in the next poll.

Update: The polls are open until Sunday.

Update: Polls closed, here's the results:

What minor change will Alexa suggest Maya this time?
Different hairstyle 31% - 19 votes
Piercing(s) 28% - 17 votes
A tan 20% - 12 votes
A tattoo 16% - 10 votes
Contacts 5% - 3 votes
Other (comment) 0% - 0 votes
61 votes total

What major change will Alexa push Maya into?
Breast enlargement 21% - 16 votes
Butt enlargement 29% - 22 votes
Lip sillicone 4% - 3 votes
Feet permanently arched for high heels 37% - 28 votes
Waist reduction 1% - 1 votes
None 7% - 5 votes
Other (comment) 0% - 0 votes
75 votes total
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  2. DollProject
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