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Veil of the Lotus version 1 is about halfway done

Partly due to commissions and requests, mainly because I've been tired progress on Veil of the Lotus has been slow. I will have more free time in a few months, but for now I have at least made some progress with the game and now the artwork for the first release is about 50% done.

If you want to help, the main thing we could use right now is good hosting. So if you can and want to host a Veil of the Lotus website and possibly the hentai femdom forum in the future, please contact me at If you can't or don't want to host the website(s) but know of a cheap hosting website that will allow content like mine (including lolicon), you can comment with the link or send me a mail as well.

Update: Over 50% now, remember to check the progress in the side bar occasionally if you're interested.
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Working!! scat fan-art

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Yu-Gi-Oh! femdom scat fan-art

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