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Happy new year~!

Best wishes and stuff.

27 slides done for the event scene I've been working on, I'm not sure how many I still have to do but I'm pretty sure I'll be done before the weekend is over. The progress percentage went down from 57% to 42% because the third route is now confirmed for Veil of the Lotus version 1, more details on the heroine for that route soon(ish).

I will close the poll in the last post sometime this Saturday.
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Veil of the Lotus version 1's routes

Allie route
Every version of Veil of the Lotus will feature at least one new complete side route. The first release will feature the Allie route as its complete route. It will have hardcore pegging content as its main focus, but also feature anal stretching, genital size humiliation, and many more. The route will have 9 scenes and 2 possible endings. This route was written by bklmage.

Click on the 'Lotus' category on the left sidebar to quickly go back to blogpost featuring Allie in screenshots or to see her character description sheet.

Lotus route
The game's main route, but unlike the Allie route is will not be complete in the first release. Every single game release will add a few scenes to the Lotus route, eventually making it the longest route spanning a big chunk of the protagonist's life. The first version is planned to contain just 5 scenes for the Lotus route, but these scenes are surrounded by a considerable amount of story/dialogue. The main fetish of focus for the Lotus route is scat femdom, but the first version will mostly feature farting, and some urination. This route is being written by me (The Necromancer).

Besides Lotus her friend Alice will also have a role in this route. Click on the 'Lotus' category on the left sidebar to quickly go back to blogpost featuring Lotus or Alice.

Third route
One of the possible Patreon supporter rewards was to have a short route made around your own ideas and preferences. This reward has been claimed, so the first release may contain an additional short route depending on whether I receive the information necessary to make this route before I'm done drawing for the Lotus and Allie routes. Until everything for this route has been solidified I can't give more information.

For now there is only one 5-scene route reward like this, but for a future version I may open up another slot for this reward. There still are 3 rewards that will allow you to have a single scene crafted to your liking somewhere in the game though, so visit our Patreon if you're interested.

For which route would you like to see a screenshot? free polls
Instead of replacing this poll quickly with a screenshot like I said before, I'll give everyone a chance to vote by waiting one week before posting a screenshot (or not in case of option 3 winning).
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Happy Holidays

I have some but not a lot of obligations this year, but I have taken a week off from work so hopefully I'll be able to make some good progress on the game. My main goal is to finish the very long and workload intensive scene I've been working on for a while now by the end of next week.

It's about time I show a little more of the game, so tomorrow or at least soon I will make another post with some more info on the routes Veil of the Lotus version 1 will feature, and a poll to decide what screenshot I will show in place of that poll soon after.
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Now on Patreon: Black Lagoon scat femdom

I just finished the first single image request for the Veil of the Lotus production page on Patreon. Everyone able to support the development of the game with $1 a month or more will be able to view the image (plus some other exclusive visuals) as soon as they're finished on Patreon as a reward.

The images will be released somewhere in the month after they've been published on Patreon on my Pixiv page for everyone to see. I appreciate and thank everyone who supports the development of Veil of the Lotus, and obviously that includes everyone who takes the time to comment, rate/bookmark my stuff, or mail/message me as well.
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Hentai-Femdom forum down

The free rip-off version of the long-time gone Hentai-Femdom forum I started is now down as it had been very frequently in the past months, but this time I'm guessing it's permanent. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find or get info on fairly cheap hosting that'll allow any kind of content and I have no control over what freeforums does or doesn't do with its services. If I do get a useful tip for hosting and someone with the knowledge to create and mantain a forum in addition to a site for myself it might get another reboot, if not I will at the very least not be involved in another reboot.
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