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Veil of the Lotus writer recruitment

I wanted to wait a little longer before doing this but since I don't have anything else to say this month I thought I'd might as well bring back some life to the development board by potentially recruiting some new writers for Veil of the Lotus.

Anyone who can write in at least understandable but preferably good English can apply, creativity is most important.

The following list are some ideas for a theme for a new route:
* Feminization/sissyfication
* Financial Domination
* Futanari
* Orgasm denial
* Ballbusting/CBT

If you have an idea for a route you think you can write for the game with one of the above themes, multiple of the above themes, or a theme not mentioned above that is not scat nor has pegging as it's main theme (it can contain pegging though, preferbly no scat unless it serves the story/theme in a very good way) you can send me an E-mail at Please explain to me your idea for the route as detailed as you want, and I'll send you a bigger list of things to think about when writing a route.

Keep in mind that your route will not be in the first version of the game and it may be a long time before your route gets added to the game. Right now there's no route ready for version 2 of the game, but there are other writers that may have a complete route that balances the game's themes done more quickly and routes from writers that have started working with me longer ago will get preference.

So send your idea for a route you think you can write to, you can also include a link to any story you've written before if there is any.
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