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I've been catching up on commissions and have put up a few new pictures on Patreon. Tomorrow and the day after I will put those pictures on Pixiv, but I'll probably also finish a new image for Patreon early access fairly soon.

I have yet to find the time to draw a lot for the game, but have worked on it some more in terms of putting the text in the game and transferring to the new version of Ren'Py. I can not give a release date or even an estimate for the first version release yet, and I will not promise it will be soon this time either.

I can however give some of my thoughts on how I'll release the game. I feel like Patreon supporters should have some bonuses but I also don't want to have material be permanently exclusive to supporters. Until now people pledging 5$ or more a month on Patreon have access to a very short and meager (no music or sound yet for example) demo of the game. When I release the first version of the game however, I do not want to withhold the game for much longer since everyone who cares but can't pledge has already had to wait so long.

The current 'solution' I have in my mind is as follows: Veil of the Lotus version 1: Allie will be released on Patreon first. This is also the beta stage, so although complete in terms of content this version might be a little rough. Hopefully though some of the supporters will be kind enough to give me some feedback/spellchecking/bug reports, as I will not be using beta testers this time. While working out any kinks Patreon supporters have found I will work on adding one extra scene to the game. When done I will release the first version to everyone (feedback will still be welcome for the next version/update of course), and release a version with the extra content to Patreon. This version with a little extra content will stay Patreon-exclusive until version 2 is released for everyone, this version will include the Patreon-exclusive content of version 1.

The Patreon-exlusive content I have in mind for version 1 is an early bad end for the Lotus route specifically with one event scene.

I'm hoping this is a solution agreeable to everyone: non-pledgers will still receive all content eventually and almost all content quickly after Patreon, while Patreon supporters will always have a little bit more before non-pledgers get it. Read more
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