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Hi. I've started this blog as a more easy way to receive feedback and suggestions, and post updates on the development of my first eroge game since Pixiv doesn't have a blogging service anymore. Before this, I've just been using 3D Custom Girl to post short fetish stories on my Pixiv page.

Although it's been a long time since I've last drawn anything, I've decided to pick it back up for this project. As this is more of a learning project and I don't expect it to be even close to up to par with the many amazing eroge and other visual novels Japan has to offer, this will be released completely free when it's complete. As the current results of the poll suggest I should work on both this game project and on still releasing 3DCG short stories once in a while, I will do so.

Now as for my current progress with this project: I don't have a lot of free time lately (and still in the coming months) and therefore haven't made a lot of progress, but I have been able to work on it once in a while. Right now, I have a basic outline of the setting, characters, 'scenes', and plot branches. I don't know how far I should go in 'spoiling' things, but I can tell you the main character is a teacher in education who's just starting his internship on an elementary school. Yes, I said his. Until now, all of my stories have been yuri (lesbian) and I've avoided even mentioning any men. I know the fact that this game won't be yuri femdom but normal femdom might disappoint some people, but like most eroge the male main will barely be 'on screen'. After all, you, the player, are supposed to be playing the role of the main character. Since I'm guessing most if not all the people that read and like my stories are male, I hope there will be no problem for most of you to play this role. Oh, just to be clear: it's the submissive one. It's still femdom, after all.
But I'm straying from the subject I started with in this paragraph: Currently, you can choose your own first and surname at the start of the game, and play the start of the story until the main character meets one of the major 'girls' for the first time. I have yet to make any of the GUI besides the simple text box. The first female character design is done, the line-art and coloring for the first 'state' of this character is done too. Only the shading is left, although this is probably the most work.

Thank you to anyone that has actually bothered to read this through. Although I'm sure I will barely get any, I welcome any kind of comments both her or as a private message on my Pixiv.

As for the question I would like to ask in this post: What do you want me to do with this blog? For example, I can tell you all about the characters and what fetishes I'm planning to use in the game, but some might consider this spoilers. If you've got any opinion on what I should and what I shouldn't post here to give as much development information as possible without spoiling too much, please comment so I can consider your opinions when making future blogposts. Any other comments or suggestions about the game itself are more than welcome too.

You can check the 'private comment' box if you only want me to see your comment.
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Hi Necromancer,

I am a fan of your work and jepp I am male.
Even I like yuri Femdom more than normal, I still think that the game will turn out great.
Just one suggestion: How about some routes or scenes in which one of the girls not only enslave the teacher but also one of her female classmates or your wife
( dont know if the teacher is single or not). Because I think that Femdoms who enslaves couples is really hot but also really rare.

About the spoilers.
I think that saying which kind of fetish you want to put into the game or showing pictures of the girls is in my opinion not a spoiler. But saying what will happen with the girls or what kind of endings will be put in the game are mayor spoilers.

Im exited for your game and wish you good luck for the project.


PS: English is not my native language so sorry for my bad grammar.

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Re: storm87

I've been thinking about a way to include some yuri femdom to 'stay with my roots' a little, and your suggestion does sound like a great way to do such a thing. At the moment, I can't think of a way to fit it in the current setting and story in a good way, but I'm continuously rethinking and rewriting parts so I might be able to put it something like this in. Otherwise It'll have to wait for a future project as I can't just keep adding routes to this one since I don't want it to take too long to complete.

Saying what kind of fetishes will be in the game may actually spoil some endings. That is when I'm being a little more specific, though. For example, if I say 'amputee' instead of 'guro/gore' (just to be clear: neither of these will be in the game), you can already guess it will have some kind of ending where a character loses his/her limbs. But I guess I can say what fetishes will be in the game if I use a little more general terms.

Thank you for taking the time to write a comment,

The Necromancer

PS: English is not my native language either. I've definitely made some spelling and grammar mistakes with past stories and probably will again, so I'm thinking about doing a pre-release or beta test before the final release so I can fix some grammar, drawing, or program issues first.
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Just thinking

I think this game will turn out awesome and I suppose entertaining lol as for an idea for this blog I guess you could make like spoilers section including fetishes and ideas for this game and what style would the point of view be? First person would be epic lol hmm and just know you have my support %100
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  3. Shad0w #-
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Re: Shad0w

I don't think I can use spoiler tags here, so the only thing I could do is put it in the title or something.

The point of few is indeed first person, like most eroge. Thanks for your continuous support.
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