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Change in main route

For the game I'm working on right now, Veil of the Lotus, I've decided to change the main route from being about Lotus and from the player's/main character's perspective to being about and from the perspective of one of Lotus' turds. I'm very excited about this idea as following a talking turd on its smelly adventures will be a new take on the scat genre and hopefully revolutionize it.

More information to come.
Just to be absolutely sure: Yes, this was an April fools joke.
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I think it's pretty cool and like you said it's new ! But i hope it will be a route with Lotus and us ( main character ) in a (femdom / scat) scene ,because you said she is a shy girl who can turn sadistic ! I'm trully impatient now ^^ !
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And now that i'm thinking about's an april fool right XD ?
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Re: Kijilo

Sorry. :P
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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omg you made my day xD
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  3. Sphynx #LCadCpIs
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