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Full-time week

Due to changes in my situation it is unsure how much time I will be able to spend on this hobby in the near future. Therefore I've decided to try to create some content in the coming week by working a full-time week or about 8 hours a day for five days.

My main priority will probably be the first version of Veil of the Lotus, but I might also work on some of my other projects.

Other than that, I will also accept (free) requests for single images (or very short scenes with a single image + some small variations). I can't promise to accept every request depending on the amount and nature of the requests, but I will do my best to fulfill as many as possible this week. I will decide myself how simple the image will be in style/how much it shows. Ideas that require some text are fine.

Some guidelines for what is likely to but not necessarily peaks/diminishes my interest:
- Something within the femdom or body modification 'genres' (And although not nearly as much NTR, gyaru/bimbo, futanari/shemale, and some other stuff (like scat without a femdom aspect))
- Original ideas within those genres/stuff you rarely see
- Extreme ideas (although I generally don't really draw (a lot of) gore)
- Ideas with characters from games/anime are fine and can help peak my interest, but I will only do them if I know (Know as in saw the show, not just 'know of') and like the character(s) (Sorry, although I've watched quite some I dislike the vast majority of anime and its characters)
- I like images that have a little bit of story or dialogue, but not so much it overrules the drawing

Feel free to contact me with your suggestions this week in any way you want. I regularly check the comments on this blog, my E-mail (see E-mail form or just use, Pixiv messages, and private or public messages on the Hentai-Femdom forum.

I hope to receive some interesting suggestions, if not I hope to show you some new images from the new game this week!
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