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Lotus Allie 01a
Been doing mostly prep-work and writing today, so here's a screenshot I had already lying around. It's from the first scene of the Allie route.

Update: Had a few more variations to create for the above scene, just finished it. It has 11 pictures/variations in total.
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Oh my God.

holy cow..

Does this have small penis humiliation? dude you just made me really happy!
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  3. Esphintxu #-
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Re: Esphintxu

Yes, it does. Mainly in the Allie route, which will be featured in the first version of the game. You can thank BklMage (the writer for the Allie side route) for it.

Although the main character and therefore penis size is the same for the Lotus route (and future side routes), the main route will not contain any penis humiliation in the first version.
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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