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Maya part 3 poll

Part 2 of the Maya story can finally be found on my Pixiv now (, vote here for the changes Maya will go through in part 3.

Place any comments with 'other' suggestions on this blogpost and +1 an idea someone already suggested if you think it should be included in the next poll.

Update: The polls are open until Sunday.

Update: Polls closed, here's the results:

What minor change will Alexa suggest Maya this time?
Different hairstyle 31% - 19 votes
Piercing(s) 28% - 17 votes
A tan 20% - 12 votes
A tattoo 16% - 10 votes
Contacts 5% - 3 votes
Other (comment) 0% - 0 votes
61 votes total

What major change will Alexa push Maya into?
Breast enlargement 21% - 16 votes
Butt enlargement 29% - 22 votes
Lip sillicone 4% - 3 votes
Feet permanently arched for high heels 37% - 28 votes
Waist reduction 1% - 1 votes
None 7% - 5 votes
Other (comment) 0% - 0 votes
75 votes total
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