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It's a little early to be talking about this, but as I don't have any other subjects to talk about left at the moment, I'm going to anyway.

When I think I'm done with the game, there's no doubt going to be enough left to improve or fix. For that reason I'd like to release the first version of the game to anyone interested in commenting on it only. What I mean by this is play the game as soon as possible (to avoid delaying the general release as much as possible), and sending me an as detailed as possible list with issues you ran into while playing. This can be a bug, a grammar/spelling error, something with the art, anything.

I will then proceed to fix the small or important stuff as quickly as possible, add the testers to the credits, and release the game preferably within 2 weeks. There's going to be issues, especially with the grammar (I'm having trouble with writing it in the same tense) and art, that I'm not going to bother fixing for this game if they aren't important enough but still a lot of work. I will however gladly welcome any tips about how to handle it next time, and keep in mind the mistakes people noticed for the next game in general.

If you're interested in getting the game a little early and helping with the final release and future releases, you can contact me on Pixiv.
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