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Bioshock Infinite single-page scat comic

This one was a commission.
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Hello ! I'm just here to tell you that i'm checking your page everyday ;-) , any news on the game ?
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  3. Kijilo #-
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Re: Kijilo

Thank you. No news on the game, those three months before release I mentioned last time will definitely not be made. I have some free time this week but I'll spend most of it working on commissions.

I want to show stuff, but it'd be better not to show previews of (almost) every scene and leave no surprises for the first release.
  1. 2015/10/27(火) 03:36:23 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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Thanks for your response !

Ah ! That 's why you keep it "secret", it's for the hype X) !
I perfectly understand your choice , it was just a little question that i needed to post :)
Thank you again !
  1. 2015/10/28(水) 17:19:41 |
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  3. Kijilo #-
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