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Time to show something again: the main menu and other screens are pretty much done.

Main Menu Savegame Screen

I'm only posting a screenshot of the Savegame menu because I decided to keep this and the other two menus I didn't show as simple as possible: the same black style as the textbox. The buttons for these screens are on the right of the textbox now. From the highest to the lowest: Save, Load, Log. I think it's fairly obvious what the first two do, and the last one is to look back at recent dialogue. This simple black style has one major flaw though: when the background is black too, it's hard to see and use.

As you can see: no CG gallery so far. I haven't completely written it off yet, but for now I'm having a more important issue with the Save- and Load functions I haven't been able to solve: when you load a savegame, it won't load the background. The background won't appear until you've progressed far enough for a new one to appear. If a supported function like this won't properly work, I don't want to know how a function that the development program doesn't support will work.

But besides having to think about a solution to the load-problem, I'm done with the technical stuff for now and going back to finishing the first route.
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Hi Necromancer,

it is nice to see that you make so much progress with your work. Well I hope you will find the solution to the background problems you have.
I cant wait to see your finished game^^ and good luck.

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  3. storm87 #-
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Re: storm87

I'm actually still 'on break' from working on this. :P So hopefully when I have more free time I can progress even faster.
I may have found a solution to the load/background problem, but it's a jassle and will take a while to fix.
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