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At last, the Veil of the Lotus website is up at This website will serve as a handy place where all The Matriarchy games are easy to find and downloadable, as well as blogposts, pictures, and other stuff related to the newest project will be shown. This blog will still be used as the website takes relevant posts from this website to show there for the News section.

I had little to do with creating the website, so all credit goes to Aziien for designing and programming it. Please leave your impression of the website, or especially any suggestions or points that could be improved here.
  1. 2016/02/13(土) 14:04:23|
  2. Lotus
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It's a really cool website :3 good job
  1. 2016/02/14(日) 14:22:26 |
  2. URL |
  3. Kijilo #-
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The website is great, and very easy to surf through it. Congratz!

I also remember your post about the issues with the forum, perhaps there can be a chance to relaunch it in the near future with the new site?
  1. 2016/02/14(日) 18:39:33 |
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  3. lifa #-
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Re: lifa

I actually have already restarted the forum at, but haven't gotten to making any basic topics yet and didn't want to announce it simultaneously with the main site.
  1. 2016/02/15(月) 08:29:27 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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Any news ? How are you doing ?
  1. 2016/02/26(金) 18:17:07 |
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  3. Kijilo #-
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Re: Kijilo

Sorry, no news. One image ready to be uploaded to Pixiv next month, working on another one.
  1. 2016/02/27(土) 14:38:04 |
  2. URL |
  3. The Necromancer #-
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