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Current information on Veil of the Lotus version 1

Most information I've been giving out concerning the first version of Veil of the Lotus is probably a little outdated, so it's about time I talk about it again.

I say first version since, as was the plan since the beginning, the game will be published incomplete and more content will be added in new versions over time. But although the game is incomplete only one route will be incomplete in the first version: the Lotus route, the main route and toilet slavery route of the game. This will be a very long route of which a little more is added every game update. The first version will have 5 CG event scenes of the Lotus route and the surrounding story of course, since the Lotus route is fairly dialogue-heavy outside of the event scenes.

But although the Lotus route is the main route of the game as a total, each individual version will be based about a side route. Every version will add at least one complete side route, and in the first version this will be the Allie route, which is also the pegging route. This route will have 9 scenes and 2 possible endings.

Besides those two routes there's also the lovely people who support this project on our Patreon, some of which supporting the project so much I'm making a short extra route and bad ending for version 1 of Veil of the Lotus. The short extra Hana route has 5 scenes and is all about human furniture. The extra ending is a single scene with Ms. Taylor, it's theme I will keep quiet for now.

That's a nice round 20 scenes in total for just the first version of Veil of the Lotus. I cannot make an public estimate of the release date just yet, but I have a deadline in my head I will work hard to make.
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Thanks for the information necro ! What's the bad ending about ? The main route ?
I can't waiiiit !!! :3 i'm so excited !
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Re: Kijilo

The bad end is largely unrelated to the main route, but a decision the main route can lead to the bad ending.
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