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Something new for Below

This commission was something new I've been able to do for Below in quite some time, it does however contain scat unlike the comics.

Also I am sorry for the lack of updates on this blog recently, last month was the first month I didn't post a single blog post since I started this blog I think. I'm working on plenty of stuff, just follow my Pixiv page for the short stuff and please have some patience for the longer stuff.
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  2. Below
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are you going to make more below comics? and maybe you should add them to the game?
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  3. dragonknight5 #-
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Re: dragonknight5

I was planning to make a third (and possibly final) Below chapter before starting with the new game, but had no inspiration or ideas for it. So now I'm thinking I'll do it after I finish and release version 1 of Veil of the Lotus.

And add the characters to the game you mean? Not planned for now at least.
  1. 2016/08/06(土) 11:32:15 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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No problem

It feels good to have some news about you man :) we're not in a hurry we want to enjoy a good game so take as long as you want to polish it ;)
  1. 2016/08/08(月) 04:02:05 |
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  3. Kijilo #-
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