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I wouldn't know what to tell you about Teacher in Trainer that hasn't been said before, so this week let's talk about something more general: fetishes in doujinshi and other media.

I'm 'into' a lot of stuff myself, but what interests me the most nowadays is the more hardcore-oriented stories of the fetishes I've liked for a long time. The most recent of my fetishes is probably female on male femdom: I used to only be into yuri femdom, but good hardcore yuri femdom is rare. So at some point I gave female on male femdom another shot. I'm not into the softcore kind at all (Oh no, this hot girl is so mean to make me have sex with her!), but cbt-femdom might be my favorite fetish right now.

Futanari is probably the fetish that has lost my interest the most, although I still like it in femdom. Scat is something I can still enjoy without it necessarily having to be femdom.

There's other stuff like smell and chastity, but let's not waste your time with more random talk. I'm interested in hearing what you like, though.

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I actually organized all my interests before in a DA journal (found here : so I'll just copy and paste onto here.

Top Interests:
- Number one, would have to be fart fetish material staring women. This attraction will branch off into interests such as hyper farting, toilet farting, and situations such as my favorite being the oblivious gassy girl trapped with her unwilling victim while she unloads (example being a Dutch-oven).
- Being a guy, I simply can't fight my interest in a curvy woman. More often than not this interest will lead me to pictures of women who have been drawn with heavily exaggerated curves, and my favorite part of the hourglass has always been the bottom half.
- My most recent (recent meaning for several years now) interest would have to be anthro/furry women. My favorite types of species would have to be Cow-girls, Dragonesses, Skunkettes, and Cat-girls, (In that order) but that's far from the limit of what I like. What attracts me about female anthro beings is the fact that being inhuman gives you the artistic license to exaggerate things, such as body shape (curves), naivety to culture normalities, eating and doing 'other' bodily functions in extended amounts, and whatever else your imagination holds.

Other Interests:
- Micro/Macro situations and shrinking victims.
- Female Body Odor (to an extent)
- Female Defecation (preferably toilet use)
- Accidental Face-farting and Face-sitting (squashing), I say accidental because I'm not a fan of any kind of dominatrix set up.

Now, I know a couple of those don't really match up with yours, and are on the softer side, but my top fetish is female farting so anything that has that, has my attention.
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Re: JManime

Yes, that is quite different from mine. But thanks for your comment, always interested in reading about peoples kinks.
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well, to be honest, i wasn't interested in this kind of things. i like the asfr things (girls being transformed in statues, mannequins, hypnotized, etc), and suddenly, while looking for pictures, i found your works and, even though i didn't like it at first, finally it's something i like to watch.

about fetishes, i don't really have one, but i like all the femdom and masoquists things i've seen so far (from your work and others)
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Re: Diamond

Haha, I feel like I should apologize for making you look at stuff like my stories. ^_^'

Although I haven't used it and hypnosion isn't something I really enjoy, I do like girls transforming into statues etc too. It's not something I specifically look for and I probably wouldn't be able to make an entire story out of it, but I might actually make a single scenario/event scene of something like that one day.
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got a real turn on for scat and spit fetish
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