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Sorry, I'm a bit later than usual this week.

Last week I said how I wanted to finish up 2 CG Event Scenes this week. I almost did, but I decided to give the second event scene some extra images. This gave me an idea for something to talk about: the amount of images per CG Event Scene.

In general, I use very few alterations for images. Most eroge games have 20+ images per scene, I have about 5 on average. I use as many as I think are needed: I don't want to create more versions of the same image just to make the game 'bigger'. If a scene works with just 3 images, I give it just 3 images. I also rarely change expressions during a CG event scene, which might be part of the reason for the low amount of images per scene. This is probably a point I should improve in the future.

Almost 75% of the event scenes are complete now. Release is getting closer.

- 1 CG Event Scene
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keep up the good work, you're awesome necro !!
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  3. southern anon #-
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I specially like your Kaiyo series, one innocent girl serves her mistress as her permanent toilet, it feels so natural, hope to see more like that.
  1. 2013/07/11(木) 22:12:32 |
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  3. islandking #-
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Re: southern anon & islandking

@southern anon
Thank you very much.

You're in luck, because Kaiyo is supposed to be(come) a long-running series. Although Kaiyo 3 isn't the next 3DCG story in line, there will definitely be one. Ideas for the series are also welcome.
Thanks for your comment.
  1. 2013/07/12(金) 04:33:29 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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