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I decided to make this a weekly blog from this post onwards. Every sunday (my timezone) I'll post a new blog. Every blogpost, I'll talk about some issue I've ran into or something I'd like to get readers opinions on/help with, give some new information about the game, or introduce a character (and include some screenshots). At the end of every post, I'll write a changelog of my progress that week. I think this will help motivate me to put as much free time as I can into this project (and maybe get a little less sleep, I worked on it until past 4am local time last night).

The subject of this post wil be general information about the game. As most people already know, it will be a femdom game from a male perspective. You can name the male protagonist yourself. During normal conversations, you won't see the protagonist, only the girl(s) your talking to. All like in most eroge.
The rest of the game will be like most eroge too, I'm not planning on doing anything different as I think the concept works just fine. That means that it will almost entirely be nothing more than clicking to go to the next dialogue screen, some event scenes in between for sexual or important parts, and a few route-deciding choices.

At the moment, I'm planning on making 2 different 'main routes'.
> The first one with an experienced and a little more mature female teacher that the protagonist will be working with during his internship. He will help this woman teach her class at an all-girl elementary school. This route will be all about the smell and scat fetishes.
> The second main route will feature more than just one heroine: It will be the class itself. I'm not going to make 20 to 30 characters + their different states for this as this would take a huge amount of time and it wouldn't be worth it since most of them would barely get any screentime. Therefore, I've decided on making a couple of important girls. These (probably about three) girls will be the ones to get their own visual character during dialogue scenes and will be talking the most, other girls will have to do without a character design when talking. In event scenes, I probably will include other girls in some cases. This route will center around a fetish I've barely used before and therefore might be not to everyone's liking: cbt. It will also include some other fetishes that can't really be put under the cbt label, but I feel like going in to those might spoil a little too much. This route will probably have not one but two possible endings.

At this moment, I'm at the point where I'm just about to start designing the school girls. That means this is your chance: If you've got any preferences, fetishes, or just things you like seeing in a small girl's character design, you can now suggest it. Think about clothes (e.g. "White knee socks"), hair (e.g. "Pigtails"), accessories (e.g. "Glasses"), skin color, eye color, anything else you can think of. Since I'm not expecting a whole lot of comments, the chance of me using you're suggestions is pretty big. As long as I like it, I'll probably use it. And even if I can't use your suggestion for one of the main girls, I can still use it in an event scenes that includes other girls.

- Completed the female teacher character + one extra state
- Made a hallway and a classroom background
- Made it possible to hide the textbox with a right mouseclick
- Changed font and used a shadow effect for extra visibility
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  2. Teacher
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Hi necromancer,

Even If I dont like lolis a lot,
I would suggest to go with some of the Japanese stereotypes for loli characters.

A short haired, lively and sporty tomboy character.
A shy, pigtailed glasses girl with big breasts.
And the ringleader a blond half Japanese with stockings and daughter of a CEO or the principal.

There are a lot of stereotypes like the little sister and so on.
If you lack inspiration I would suggest you to look into some of the Msize games which are femdom and feature small girls.

Good luck

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  3. storm87 #-
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Re: storm87

By now I've already designed and drawn one of the three important girls as I needed her before the first route-split (I don't like using placeholder graphics and prefer to work in order), but I can use those for the other characters. Especially the sporty character.

I'm actually a big Msize fan and consider Riumu to be one of my biggest inspirations for this project (don't expect anything up to par with his brilliant work, though). I haven't been able to find anything similar to his eroge games and seen others look for similar eroge as well, and therefore decided to make something of my own as I was looking to expand my work beyond 3DCG stories anyway.

Thanks for your comment.
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