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Solving a problem with loading savefiles correctly is proving to be quite a lot of work. I'm over halfway done now after quite a lot of hours of work, so I decided to write another blogpost to take my mind of things (a mistake in what I'm doing to solve the problem could cause me to accidentally leave out some dialogue or part of a scene). So, here's an afterword from me before the game is even released. The before-afterword.

This project has taken quite some time, and I realize the end result isn't very good. I hadn't drawn in years and was never a good or even decent artist to begin with, so I solved that problem by using 3DCG for a lot of the designs and the small screen resolution to hide my weak art. That said, I'm glad I did it and learned a lot from it. A lot of things I can use in a next project, which I have talked about a little before and will eleborate on in a blogpost after the general release of Teacher in Training. For now I'll just say that for my next game, I plan on making more detailed art and a bigger screen resolution.

I also decided to go full-on weeaboo for this game and pretend it's a Japanese eroge: A setting in Japan even though the girls don't look Japanese, some very light cultural references, and the use of suffixes. It's especially these suffixes that make this setting great to work with, but I'm still deciding on what setting to use for the coming project and am leaning to a Western one with Western names this time.

Even though Teacher in Training is just a very short eroge with little story and it still took a long time, I'm glad I was able to see it through to the end, probably for not a small part due to it being minimal. I feel like a lot of these one-man projects never see the day of light because the maker ends up having too much of a 'grand vision' and gets bored with it and moves on without an end result. With Teacher in Training almost complete, I have something to show even if it is not much. I can now move on to a bigger project, and hopefully move on to the next even larger project after I finish that, learning along the way.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for their support. I appreciate all comments, messages on Pixiv, and ideas. There's not a big audience for stuff like this, but I do hope to continue contributing to the limited amount of material for it, and hope to receive your support for future works and projects as well. A big thanks to the testers in advance too.

Update: And there it was almost lost, my PC wouldn't boot anymore. Luckily it just did, so I'm uploading the files for this project now for myself so I can download it somewhere else if my PC fails again.
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I sent you a message over on pixiv about an issue I have downloading the game a little while ago, just wondering if you saw it yet.
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I sent you a message over on pixiv about an issue I have downloading the game a little while ago, just wondering if you saw it yet.

UPDATE: Sorry, looking back in my sent folder, that message I mentioned isn't there, it guess it never got sent for whatever reason. Anyway, I retyped it and sent it, and when you get the chance, please let me know if you know how to fix it. Thanks
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