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Unclear or Japan. Those are the two best ways I can think of to handle the setting in my stories. And although there might have been some hints at Japan in my stories before (I've always used Japanese names, for example), I think I've generally gone with 'unclear'. This time, I've gone with Japan.

It is the land where visual novels/eroge originates from, and the country I know the most about besides my own country in terms of customs, school systems, etc. Although it might not seem that important, this choice brings some changes with it. The most important one being the way characters adress each other. Besides surnames being used a little more often, there's also suffixes. One on hand these might be somewhat confusing for people that don't have any experience with Japanese media, but on the other hand it makes it a lot easier for me to make clear relationships between characters without actually having to explain them. And I'm guessing most people that've gotten here through Pixiv do have at least some experience with some form of modern Japanese media and know the basics of Japanese suffixes. Therefore I've decided to go with a modern Japanese setting this time, with the risk of being a bit weeaboo.

Obviously I can still change it if people don't think this si the right way to handle it, but for now I'm writing the story with Japan in mind. That means suffixes, taking of your 'outside' shoes when entering a home (I've partly ignored this at school though), a Japanese school system, and other details.

I've made a lot of progress this week. I was thinking of releasing it near the end of August at its latest, but at my current speed I will most likely be able to finish a lot sooner than that. I might post some screenshots tomorrow.

- New character + 2 extra states
- New background
- Extra background version
- Touched up older background
- Completed 2 CG event scenes
- First choice (+ the buttons)
- Added sound effects
- Bugfix
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Hi Necromancer,

I think Japan is a great location for your game.
And its also your common turf for your stories so no complains about that.

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  3. storm87 #-
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