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Some last notes & the fixes

(Sorry, not the release post yet. Some last testing and fixing before I release the game, we're close, I promise!)

Before I release the game I just wanted to say that although I've been able to fix a lot of problems with the testers' help, some solution required long and repetetive fixing making it possible that some new problems have emerged in the general release. Therefore it's possible some functions might not properly work in a single very short scene only for example. Report this kind of stuff to me if you happen to run into it and I'll bring out a fixed version in the near future. And although I did my very best to avoid it, there's a slight possibility some short scenes might be missing, so if something seems odd or you were a tester and notice something missing, report it too.

Now, although not everyone that applied to be a tester replied, putting out the pre-release was very fruitful. Here's a list of things I've fixed since the pre-release version with the help of the testers. (The 'CG codes' stand for CG events. CG2C is the second CG event scene of the Class route, for example.)
*Fixed 'backgrounds disappearing when loading'-bug
*Fixed characters appearing above text caused by above bugfix
*Fixed bug where sound effect doesn't stop in CG2C and CG4T
*Fixed bug that made character disappear too when using right-click to hide textbox
*Fixed credits probably not showing correctly because of external font
*Fixed character saying 'Undefined' instead of player name
*Fixed Satomi's name showing with 'state2' behind it
*Fixed Ayaka's name showing 'pouting' behind it
*Improved issue with graphics of ass being too small in CG6T
*Fixed logbook not working after first choice
*Fixed English in 16 places
*Fixed 12 typos
*Fixed 12 bad dialogue cut-offs
*Changed dialogue for the better in 3 places

There's also some stuff I unfortunately wasn't able to fix.
-Problems with fullscreen
-Strange credits speed
-Restarting game causes the game to forget some stuff
-Quitting the game with the windows' close button causes it to crash

Update: Oh, right. From the reports I can tell you that the average 'play'time is 50 minutes for the Teacher route, and 40 minutes for the Class route. The time for the class route is based on the player finishing with one of the two endings, so it's a little longer if you go for both endings.
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