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Flowchart finished

I finished the flowchart of the next game. I won't post it here because it's unreadable scribbles in a notebook (it kind of looks like a really complicated formula if you don't know what it really) and it would spoil if you could decipher it, but this means the basic outline of the game is now complete. Any ideas and suggestions are still more than welcome, as I can always expand or even add events, but the basis of the game storyline is here.

This allows me to give an estimate of how big this game will be compared to Teacher in Training. TiT (hehe, tit) was 2 routes with both the same amount of CG event scenes: 6 each, 12 total. College (still need a better name) will have 19 CG event scenes in total at least. The way it is divided under routes is a lot less uniform though: the game is still mainly centered around a single long route. 3 CG event scenes will appear before the first routesplit, and then the short extra route (centered around a character I will post the character file for in a few hours) will be one of the options. This extra route will be about 5 CG event scenes 'long', but might be a little more dialogue heavy and therefore pretty long in reality. The other side of this routesplit will lead you to the rest of the 'main' route with the 'main' heroine, which will have 9 additional CG event scenes. Those of you with brilliant skills in math will still miss 2 scenes to get to that total of 19 scenes, and those are bonus scenes. Only after finishing the game on both other routes at least once, you will be able to unlock a third ending and see these scenes.

One of the things my personal flowchart also shows is what characters appear in what scene. So I've also pretty much decided on how many and what female character there will be. Besides Isis and the girl from the other route, there will be 4 more important female characters, so 6 there are heroines in total. I say important, but that basically means whatever girl isn't nameless (as characters who are there just to 'increase the amount of torturers' are nameless). I will probably post a character sheet for 5 of them (as one used for a small plottwist and showing here might give it away), but not all of them are equally important. One will probably star in only one scene, for example. But don't hold back from suggesting things you'd like to see with certain girls on their character sheet blogpost, I might be able to use it.

So in short: 19 CG event scenes compared to 12, 6 important female characters instead of 4, and again 3 possible endings.

Edit: 20 CG event scenes, thought of another addition to the Freya route. Guess I have a little more creativity left.
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Horray for Freya getting more scenes! v-238
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