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January progress update

I decided on monthly progress updates. I will put my total progress on the College game in numbers at the bottom of each update, and show one new screenshot. The number after the / can also be increased if I think if more scenes/outfits/backgrounds or get suggestions I want to use.

Currently, I still need:
- A name for the game. I would use something like the name of the school if it wasn't for that name having been used many times before.
- If possible, someone to make exclusive sound effects and/or music instead of license-free stuff.
- A good font everyone has (so it doesn't have to be installed).

And unrelated to the game, but I made some small changes to the blog in terms of amount of search results/recent blogposts listed on the left panel.

Freya College
Not a final image as the font and possibly other stuff will be changed, but it does show the new screen size. I decided to keep backgrounds simple as I will be making a lot more of them than in Teacher in Training. The textbox will become bigger in size with a lot of text. This doesn't mean I will fill up the already big textbox, but it does mean that parts of the text not show up on certain resolutions like in TiT should not be able to happen in this game. The textbox is hidable again, of course.

Backgrounds [4/15]
Outfits [5/18]
Scenes [0/21]
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Scene Idea Not Often Done

Hi Necromancer. I just want to start off by saying your works are amazing, huge fan ever since I found your CG work.

I have a suggestion for a scene that I honestly..have never seen done before when it comes to scat.

A scene where, either:

A.) a girl/woman is trapped in an enclosed space with some other person underneath her ass. She really needs to shit, and can't hold it as she farts and starts filling her pants/panties. The other person stuck underneath her is forced to endure the smell in this cramped room, all the while trying to encourage her to try and hold on, and pleading with her not to do it.

B.) A girl/woman that tricks someone into thinking they're getting a facesitting session while wearing pants/panties, then at some point just starts to fill them without telling the other person. Eventually, through hearing the sound, smelling the turd, and feeling it press against the fabric, the person realizes what's happening and starts struggling to escape.

Both of these are essentially facesitting in messy pants, and certainly that type of scenario has been done. But I have never seen the type of scenario where pantypooping is combined with facesitting.

I would love you forever if something like this was encorporated into one of your works. You could even get creative with it, like maybe a person purposely spiked her food/drink with laxative, only for them to somehow end up trapped beneath her ass later in the day. Literally "backfiring" on them.

Sorry for the long comment, but I have one other idea that I find incredibly hot. The girl wearing someone else's clothes, and completely messing them. The build up could be amazing for this type of thing. Perhaps she tells the other person to do what she says, or she'll mess their expensive pants. You could show the other person freaking out at each fart, the looming disaster waiting to happen to their favorite clothing. It could be hugely dominating. The girl wearing it acting like she's wearing diapers, and that the other persons clothes are just her toilet.

ANYWAY, if you've read this much, thank you so much and I look forward to all future scat works by you!
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  3. KirosXannon #-
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Re: KirosXannon

Don't worry, a helpful post can never be too long. I tend to rant myself and enjoy reading comments/suggestions, so the longer the better!

I can probably incorporate idea B in the game. I like the other ideas as well, but A would be too similar to B to put in the same work and the third idea would need a F/F setting.

Thanks for your suggestions, and don't hold back from telling me if you come up with more.
  1. 2014/02/05(水) 06:14:10 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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Hi, I came here from /s/
Good job! I'm really looking forward to the game's completion (meanwhile, I'll try to play Teacher in Training, looks great).

Also, this seems like just a selfish opinion, but Selena looks kind of dozed off or drugged, lol. I know she's suppose to be shy but she looks creepy instead (dont get offended, this is just my opinion), I like Diana, you have successfully create the gentle look with the right eye, I hope she could get some scat action too, I bet she got a lot of stuff to unload, lol.
  1. 2014/02/09(日) 07:09:25 |
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  3. Solipsis #-
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Re: Solipsis

Do you mean Freya as in the character in this screenshot? Since Selene isn't really a gentle character, and this character actually has a 'drunk' variation with this outfit, it might have rubbed off on the normal version. I'll see what I can do to fix it a little.
  1. 2014/02/09(日) 07:20:05 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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Honestly, I like the way Freya looks, she has a bashful look to her. So, it might be a 'to each his own' situation, hopefully you don't make any drastic changes to Freya :( but one thing I think we agree on is that I wouldn't mind seeing Diana with her own selection of scat related scenes :D
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