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Need a name

I just finished the first CG event scene and would like to start working on the main menu now. My idea for the main menu is to start out with a pretty empty and simple picture that will gradually have items added to it as you progress through the game.

Of course, I would like to incorporate the title of the game in the main menu. The problem is, I don't have a title. I had an idea for a title, but unfortunately it gives too much hits on Google for other things with the same name to use.

So, if anyone has any ideas for a name for a femdom game with a college setting, contact me or comment here. That might be a bit too general as a setting to come up with a good name (I can't, but I'm pretty bad at this), so it's also possible to reference goddess mythology in general like I did with the character names.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Suggestions about scenes/things you'd like to see are also still welcome, preferably non-scat as the game is already quite heavy on scat related scenes. Probably good for some, but I'd like to balance things out a little bit.
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Good evening,
First i want to thank you for your hard work yet and love to see, you are still working on it.

But as much as i wanted to help you with a title i find it rather difficult to think of a good title, seeing it as i dont know that much of it yet imho.

Maybe if a title gets into my mind later on i will suggest it to you.
But im sure as the the game progresses and more is clear the game will eventually get a fitting name.

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  3. guy 76 #-
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Hmmmm. . .

So the name of the school is Celestial Academy? But Celestial Academy has to many hits on google for it to be a good name for the game? Well without knowing the full story of the game I can only give shots in the dark.

"An Idol's Path"
"Dear Desire"
"The Gilded Thrall"
"University of Dominion"
"Ascendancy Academy"

And I can't think of anymore than that at this time. Well not any that don't sound totally goofy.
  1. 2014/02/21(金) 17:51:47 |
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  3. PlayfulOtter #W5KQ/goA
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Re: guy 76 & PlayfulOtter

Thank you for the comments/suggestions.

I'm thinking about putting up a more expansive summary of the story, but it would obviously spoil a lot.
  1. 2014/02/22(土) 04:49:28 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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Hmmm, I think I can come up with a couple ideas that you're welcome to mash and mix up to your liking if you like any of them, but I don't think we really need to know the plot to give the eroge a title. I mean it's a protagonist who goes to a university where he faces several femdom orientated women who force themselves on the main character, that should be all the title refers to, if that. But if it helps people, one idea I had was that you can write up a summary as a novel on pixiv and paste a link to it here for those who want to read it. Anyway here's some title suggestions I thought I'd share:

- My Greatest Pleasures Adjusted (My GPA)
- Great Pleasure and Agony (GPA)
- Receiving My Masters (Masters the degree, and those who rule over him)
- My Tutor, My Tormentress (<- Google says its a word, but it might not be)
- Peer Pleasure
- My Classmate Matriarch
- Student Studying Submission

I think that's it, but like I said, if any of those sound good, feel free to alter them however you'd like obviously. I hope that helps though, and I can't wait to see your next progression update, I feel like you've been getting through this game pretty quickly concidering the amount of content you have plannd. And although body modification isn't a big interest of mine, I hope your new project is doing well on the Doll project site, ya deserve it man, good luck.

And as always, keep up the good work :D
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  3. JManime #-
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I think JManime has some of the best title ideas.

I especially like the Receiving My Masters or Mistresses. Maybe even The Mistresses Elective.

Mistress Degree.

I also quite enjoy Peer Pleasure.

OH! What about Entrance Submission?
  1. 2014/02/25(火) 08:08:33 |
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  3. PlayfulOtter #26p4FV/w
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Re: JManime & PlayfulOtter

Thank you, I can definitely use these, there's a lot of names I really like between those suggestions so I think I can decide on one with these choices.
  1. 2014/02/25(火) 13:37:19 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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