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February progress update

We're nearing the end of the month again, so time for a new monthly progress update.

Currently, I still need:
- If possible, someone to make exclusive sound effects and/or music instead of license-free stuff.
- A good font to use for the textbox that everyone has (so it doesn't have to be installed).
- Ideas for scenes other than scat scenes (what is supposed to be the main route is becoming shorter than the scat route that was supposed to be a short sideroute)

I'm working on the main menu right now, for which I'm planning (as I said in the last update) to have new objects appear as you progress through the game. Since I can do this with the new software I'm using, technically I should also be able to include a CG Event Gallery this time. I just have to learn how exactly. :P
Also, with the current amount of planned scenes, this game should be at least twice as long as Teacher in Training. :)

Isis scene screenshot
I can probably make CG scenes faster this time around without losing quality (not that there's any quality to speak of with my art in the first place) by working more efficient. Or less retarded, if you want to put it that way, because I used to just draw a scene starting with the first 'slide', and then editting it to the next slide, even though that might be really inefficient in some cases. Now, I'm drawing the entire background first so I can move stuff around without having to worry about the parts directly behind the moved character/object not being drawn, and I actually think before just drawing the first slide I need. The above picture is the first of the scene, but I made a version without the boots on first, since it's obviously easier to just draw boots over the bootless feet.

Backgrounds [10/15]
Outfits [9/19]
Scenes [1/24]
  1. 2014/02/26(水) 04:25:59|
  2. College
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A cbt scene? Maybe using the slave as a punching bag or some other type of workout equipment that ends with his balls being abused?

A teas and denial scene? Locking him up and giving him some kind of impossible task or tough series of questions just so he will have to face the looming possibility of never cumming again?
  1. 2014/02/26(水) 20:23:25 |
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  3. PlayfulOtter #-
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going off of playfulotter's idea and the fact that the game is going to have a school setting, maybe you can have the main character take a test that one of the girls give him that has questions that are impossible to answer (or have dirty answers):

- Selene, can give it to you to test whether you're cut out for the student council, some questions could range from what the character finds more painful, and have a list torture options, to other slave based questions. One idea, to make the test impossible to answer, could be to have true or false questions except both options are true or both options are false, leading to a punishment scene to 'test' his answers.

- Diana, she could be your tutor and gives you a practice test with the same bogus 'no good answer' scenario. And I'm not sure what fetish Diana is going to play to (I can only hope that there's a scat/fart scene) but she could have one question asking how long the character can hold his breath, and this will lead to a smothering scene of her breasts (which could play to a smell fetish) or face-sitting scene.

- Morrigan, I thought she could possibly play the role of a substitute teacher and once again give you a bogus 'no good answer' test. Once again I'm not sure what fetish she's gonna play to, but she's busty and curvy enough to switch places with Diana or force you to clean her feet. Or if she's into body modification (being a tattoo artist) you can pay around with that.

Sorry my ideas are kinda vague, but tortures not my favorite so I figured I'd give you an idea of what could lead up to a possible torture scene, and let you do the scene itself.
  1. 2014/02/26(水) 21:24:20 |
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  3. JManime #-
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Re: PlayfulOtter & JManime

Thanks for the ideas. I will probably find a use for them, but it will require me thinking things through a bit more since it's kind of hard to place them somewhere in the 'story'.
  1. 2014/02/28(金) 06:19:11 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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Non-scat idea?

Hey Necromancer,

First thank you so much for reading over my ideas for the scat route.

For a smell fetish that doesn't involve scat, how about one of the girls purposely doesn't take a shower for a week. She then forces the MC with her into a closet, and he quickly notices the strong scent she gives off. Inside, she forces his face into her armpits while she gets herself off with the other hand.

I also have a bit of a saliva fetish, so I don't know if this could be worked in as well, but you could have her pin him down, and slowly drip her spit into his mouth.

Or how about a fart scene (if that's not counted with the scat, though probably is) where it's the same type of situation, although she pay much mind to it.

Going with the small room again, she could have like not gotten a shower for a week, and is farting while they're making out, acting like it's perfectly normal while he's actually suffering. Kissing while getting surrounded in stink making him lightheaded from how bad it is. This could be done with feet as well.

Looking forward to the completed game!
  1. 2014/03/09(日) 06:21:50 |
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  3. KirosXannon #-
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Scenes id like to see not really ranked in any order just what came to me :)

1) Two girls fighting over who can hurt his balls the most without destroying them, as that will be the end of the route

2) Urethral play, like sounding and maybe fingers or a strapon(futacock) in there

3) Large Strapon Fucking(or futa cock) I love this kinda stuff. Could be a class competition to see who can stretch his ass the most

4) Size humiliation, like a girl with a big strapon(or futacock) talking about how much bigger and better their cocks are

tons of more ideas but not really sure how well these mesh with the topic of this game ><
  1. 2014/03/11(火) 06:39:23 |
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  3. blkmage #-
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Re: KirosXannon & blkmage

Thanks for the suggestion. Some of your ideas were already planned in some way actually, but I can definitely also use some of the other ideas.

And don't worry too much about the setting as long as it is femdom without fantasy/sci-fi.
  1. 2014/03/11(火) 07:48:09 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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actually not a suggestion but a question: are we going to see the main character along with the girls in *some* scenes, like we do in the games from msize ?

either way, I know the game's gonna be awesome, and congratz for the +2 years on pixiv !!
  1. 2014/03/11(火) 17:32:58 |
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  3. southernanon #-
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Re: southernanon

Yes, he will be visible in some scenes, although I'll probably make him 'faceless' again.

And thank you.
  1. 2014/03/12(水) 09:59:15 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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