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March progress update

Sorry I haven't posted anything this month, I couldn't think of anything worth mentioning.

Currently, I still need:
- If possible, someone to make exclusive sound effects and/or music instead of license-free stuff.
- A good font to use for the textbox that everyone has (so it doesn't have to be installed).

I've been drawing fulltime for the past few days for this and the DollProject while listening to podcasts. I'm having some trouble making the main menu's background image show correctly, but that's more a case of having to give it another look and trying some things than actually being stuck.

I'm almost done with the first 'phase', everything before the first choice/routesplit. This time there's 3 CG event scenes before the first choice, and I'm done with drawing all those and all other graphics necessary for me to finish it, I just have to finish writing/programming. This time I will just work on whatever route I'm most in the 'mood' for after that, in contrast to during the development of Teacher in Training where I forced myself to finish the Teacher route before starting work on the Class route. This will also allow me to easily add in new ideas later in either route as I'm still working on both of them.

Isis screenshot
I'm not sure if I want to move this character sprite a little to the left, since her hair makes the automatic centering show her a little far to the right.

Backgrounds [10/15]
Outfits [12/19]
Scenes [3/29]
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Ohmygod this really looks good. looking forward the release ^_^
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