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I've recently received an E-mail from a person who was offended by my past work since it contained poop and other stuff he/she didn't want to see. I take complaints like this seriously, and have therefore decided to censor everything that can be seen as offensive in my future works, including the new game. To make sure it is not still seen as offensive I will cover anything that needs it up with smiley faces, since almost nobody is offended by smiley faces. Any words or terms that might be seen as offensive such as 'shit', 'bondage', or 'the', will also be covered up with a few smileys.

Thanks for understanding.
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little request

It's nice that you consider ppl's requests but how about ppl that, let's say, want to see all that stuff? If it's possible i would love to make a suggestion - how about you make censor thing optional - like you can turn those smileys on/off. Because when ppl download something they read descriptions and if they dont like things they may see inside then why donwload, right?
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I find smiley faces way more offensive than your work.
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Hahaha, when I saw this I was like, What!? Why!? Who!? When!? Where!?

But then I remembered the date, happy holidays everybody :P
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Yeah first i also was like "what? Please no who would complain about something like that"

But then i also remembered.. Happy april fools!.. at least i hope so :D
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