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According to my totally perfect calculations, I'm now about halfway done with Mistress Degree. That doesn't really mean anything (I could say it would mean I need another 5 months to finish it, but since I can't predict how much more CG scenes I will add or how much time I can spend working on this it could be longer or hopefully shorter than that), but I somehow felt like sharing it.
  1. 2014/04/18(金) 12:07:41|
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Awesome! Sounds like your all-nighter went well then
  1. 2014/04/19(土) 22:12:48 |
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  3. JManime #-
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cant wait to play it, hoping you do a beta test again or something. So few good games coming out ><. least we know yours will be solid
  1. 2014/04/22(火) 00:25:35 |
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  3. blkmage #-
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Re: blkmage

I haven't really decided on what to do in terms of a beta. I thought about releasing a demo version for a while as a teaser, but eventually decided against it.

The beta test did help me a lot last time, so I'll probably do it again but this time I'll wait until it is close to ready for release before asking for testers since last time I wasn't able to contact some of the people who had applied quite some time before I was actually ready to send the beta.
  1. 2014/04/22(火) 05:41:27 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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I would love to see a demo but that's because I'm a greedy asshole :P

But on a serious note, I'd be more then happy to again volunteer to help weed out the bugs as well as the grammar in the beta version whenever it becomes available. Also, I'm not sure if I've just been blind, or you added that 'Progress' percentage on the side recently, but either way congrats on passing the halfway point!
  1. 2014/04/23(水) 14:59:49 |
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  3. JManime #-
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Re: JManime

The progress precentage has been there for a while now, since the percentage was still in the early 20s I think.
  1. 2014/04/24(木) 04:31:19 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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