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April progress update

Time for a 'normal' update again.

Currently, I still need:
- If possible, someone to make exclusive sound effects and/or music instead of license-free stuff.
- A good font to use for the textbox that everyone has (so it doesn't have to be installed).
- 'Endgame' suggestions: I don't really have clear idea how to end the game anymore, so any ideas with permanent results or simply ideas possible endings are welcome.

I've done a lot of drawing this month as you can see by the progress stats, and have done a lot of writing to accompany those graphics as well. I still have to look into most technical stuff like a CG gallery, shaking screens, etc. though.

Selene Scene
It was time for either a Diana or a Selene screenshot this time, but I went with Selene because this CG event works better as a public screenshot than Diana's.

Backgrounds [15/18]
Outfits [18/20]
Scenes [11/30]
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Would love to help but with limited information its kind of hard to formulate and ending, still I really want to try my hand and contribute so here go's.

CBT sports club ending - after escalating creative and destructive torture, it seems as if the hero's balls allways seem to recover to mater how badly damaged. In the end hes loaned out to various female sports clubs to help them "practice". Was thinking a female boxing club could use him as a speed/heavy bag, A gold team could use him as practice hitting balls (lol), soccer team could do the same, maybe practice their aim by pegging him in the goal box with a soccer ball.

idk if that helps but ill try to think of some more
  1. 2014/05/04(日) 21:10:59 |
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  3. blkmage #-
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Re: bklmage

I'm thinking about ways to give more information, but some things I'd rather not spoil because I know myself I like being pleasantly surprised a lot more than knowing what's going to happen. I could also probably push out a demo version pretty quickly and easily, but things keep changing/happening too far into the story for that to give a good picture of where the story is at near the ending.

I'll try to work in a ballbusting ending, but I already have several workout/sport related things and since it's a college I'd like to keep those scenes a minority.
  1. 2014/05/07(水) 08:54:05 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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How about a tease and denial end? Hero gets to cum if he does something humiliating or painful, he go's through with it but it was a trick. He gets to try to cum with a urethral "plug" in place while be teased or something akin.
Could then show him doing crazy and more painful things to try and get to cum as days/weeks/months go by.

Or how about hes placed in a glory hole at one of the schools stalls against his will, having to blow and get fucked by girls with strapon's

Could end up as a portable cushion/toilet for one of the girls after "studying" how to be one for four years

I really like loli-femdom so maybe also after graduation he works with one of the girls at a new school where they "teach" how to dominate a man and hes the practice dummy
  1. 2014/05/08(木) 21:28:52 |
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  3. blkmage #-
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if you need inspiration i have links for you:

japanese scat femdom:

i hope this will help you ;)
  1. 2014/05/12(月) 03:10:49 |
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  3. Ryuuzaki28 #-
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Re: bklmage & Ryuuzaki28

Thanks for the suggestions/help. In combination with a suggestion I have received through Pixiv and some more writing from myself, I think I have a solid idea of how the entire game will go now again.
  1. 2014/05/12(月) 08:49:28 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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