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Nightshift #2

I'm planning to work through the night again tomorrow night. I'll start in a little more than 24 hours and use this blogpost to place random screenshots, updates, and rants again. I'll also answer any questions as soon as I see them and fulfill any wishes for screenshots you want to see as long as I feel it wouldn't spoil too much.

Update #1: I've started 'work'. I will continue working on a scene I was already working on first. It's a scene that would've been the very last scene of the game in my original plan, but now serves as the 'return to school', since the before it no scenes actually happen in the college.

Update #2: Finished the scene, it ended up having 10 slides. I can't post a screenshot of this paticular scene because of a spoiler, but it probably wouldn't be a very interesting screenshot without the story behind it anyway. So I took another non-scene screenshot, this time featuring Freya in a new outfit.
Freya Bondage
Do you?

Update #3: I've finished making the new and (probably) completed flowchart. The game will most likely end up having 34 CG event scenes. Which is almost triple the amount Teacher in Training had, but I'm not going to add 2 scenes just to make it exactly three times as many scenes. :P

Mistress Degree will also have 6 different endings: one for each girl plus one unlockable ending with the girl I haven't and won't reveal the art for.

Update #4: I've been working on this for over 8 hours now so I'm done for now. I wish I would've had something else to show, but unfortunately I don't.
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Hey man, I'd call working for 8 hours straight a success. And it's good to hear that any holes your flow chart had are now filled, so you can truck right through from here on out, without wondering how something should fit.

PS - Yes! I do like XP
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  3. JManime #-
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Hey man, I'm not sure if other people are having this problem, but whenever I go to your page or click on Maya voting round #1 I get sent to (hence why I'm putting this comment here). It actually took me a little while to figure out a way around it, I had to go directly to this thread's link to avoid being forced into

Just wanted to bring this to your attention in-case others are running into this issue.
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Re: JManime

Was running into the issue myself, had to clear my cache to solve it. I closed and deleted the polls from the frontpage so it should be solved now.
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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I am new and i was wondering where can I find this game when it is done?
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