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Maya voting round #1

Due to lack of admin response from the official website, I've decided to upload my drawn expansion story to Pixiv and ask for reader input for every next part through 2 polls: one for smaller modifications, the other for bigger ones. Only the high voted results for each poll will be in the next part of the story, but other high voted and whatever people who select 'Other' fill in will possibly be included in the next poll.

The first part of the story can be read here.

Polls deleted. Results:

Alexa is helping Maya become more confident in the way she dresses and looks. What minor change will she suggest?
Slutty clothes (24 votes, 43%)
Piercing (7 votes, 12%)
Different hairstyle (17 votes, 30%)
Heavy make-up (2 votes, 4%)
Tattoo (6 votes, 11%)
Other (0 votes, 0%)

Alexa is helping Maya become more confident in the way she dresses and looks. What major change will she suggest?
Breast enlargement (13 votes, 24%)
Butt enlargement (15 votes, 28%)
Lip silicone (2 votes, 4%)
Waist reduction (3 votes, 6%)
Anus expanding (18 votes, 33%)
Other: None (3 votes, 6%)

Update: Seems like several options are close or the same in number of votes. The final result will be decided after 7 days of voting, so when the '... votes in ... days' disclaimers reach 8 days (or when I will first see it did so), the winning options of each poll will be decided. If at that moment there's two or more winning options with the same amount of votes, I will add another day until the voting closes until a winner is decided.

Update #2: Sorry, because of a bug that redirected people directly to Pollmaker when visiting this page I had to close voting early.
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